It’s Deep State Keystone Cops Time at the CIA

Hey, maybe that new law that makes it legal to poop on the sidewalks has something to do with this. – The good news is that people are packing up and leaving the Marxist enclave of San Francisco in record numbers.  The bad news is that all those Californians are moving to other states and will start messing up the politics there.  Because that’s what transplanted Californians do.  Just ask Colorado.

The Coughing Crook stages her comeback. –  The Pantsuit Princess, after hiding out for most of the month of January, has begun reappearing in public again this month, at least via video, and boy, nothing at all has changed.  On Friday, she treated an audience of Hollywood #MeToo regulars (because of course a bunch of Hollywood nitwits would invite a life-long facilitator of woman abuse to speak at such an event) at something called The Makers’ Conference to one of her signature hacking fits.  Fortunately, she did it via a live video feed from wherever she’s currently hiding out rather than in person, so nobody in the audience got sprayed.  Good times…good times…

The Schiff hits the fan. – After reviewing the Democrat memo sent over by the House Intelligence Committee, the White House, on the advice of the FBI, determined that it was too filled with classified and sensitive information to be released.  That’s because bug-eyed Adam Schiff had intentionally loaded the memo up with this sort of information, knowing the White House would do exactly that so that he and his fellow liars in the Democrat Party and fake news media could spend this entire weekend screaming about bias.  This stupid game has become so predictable and frankly tiresome that it’s hardly worth noting anymore, so let’s move on.

They’re playing Musical Chairs over at DOJ. – Rachel Brand, the #3 person at the Department of Justice, resigned on Friday.  Turns out she’s going to work for Wal Mart.  No, don’t get excited – Wal Mart didn’t just increase its incredibly inadequate staff of check-out workers.  Ms. Brand is going there to become the giant company’s top lawyer, which she described as her “dream job.”  So the lines at check-out won’t be getting any shorter anytime soon.

Unlike all the other firings, resignations and reassignments over the last two months at DOJ and the FBI, this one does appear on the surface to be just a normal-course-of-business case of someone leaving government to make gobs of money.  Stepping into Ms. Brand’s position, at least on an acting basis, is a 37 year-old guy named Jesse Panuccio, who is a real, actual Republican who just came to Washington last year from Florida, and who probably hasn’t been fully absorbed into D.C.’s Deep State borg yet.

It’s Deep State Keystone Cops time at the CIA. – The NYTimes has a report out claiming that some deep state CIA agents paid $100,000 of taxpayer money to a Russian agent in an attempt to obtain dirt on the duly-elected, sitting President of the United States of America last September.  Yes, it’s the NYTimes, so it’s 50/50 the story is a complete work of fiction, but on the off-chance it’s actually true, well, my goodness.

The CIA guys claim they were really after some “cyberweapons” that had been stolen from the National Security Agency (NSA), and that they told this Russian that they just, like, had no, like, interest in, like, that nasty information on Donald Trump.  But well, once they, like, brought the hundred grand in a briefcase – yes, I kid you not, $100,000 in a freaking briefcase like in a bad spy movie – to the guy’s hotel room, well, you know, like, they just couldn’t help, but, like, look the film the guy had that he claimed was Trump in a hotel room with two women.  You know, because, national security or something.

Of course, the film was so grainy that no one could tell who was really in it, and there was no audio, so no way to match the man’s voice to the President, so….ooopsie.  And of course, the Russian took their money but never delivered the NSA cyberweapons in question.  Seriously, it’s like our national intelligence agencies are staffed by thousands of clones of Inspector Clouseau.

If nobody’s head rolls over this little fiasco, then we are well and truly screwed as a country.

Just another day in Deep State Keystone Cops America.

That is all.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Deep State Keystone Cops Time at the CIA

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    MFG - February 10, 2018

    love your articles!

    1. Reply
      David Blackmon - February 10, 2018

      Thanks! Be sure to tell all your friends, relatives, and worst liberal enemies!

  2. Reply
    duckandcover - February 10, 2018

    Don’t compare the bumbling NSA people to Inspector Clouseau. Of course Clouseau was a bumbling idiot but in the end he always prevailed and was proven right. NSA people only resemble the Keystone Cops.

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