New Strzok/Page Texts Point Straight at Obama

Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part I – The stock market bounced back on Tuesday after a week of big losses, with the Dow gaining 567 points on the day.  So, after spending a week breathlessly blaming President Donald Trump for the market’s losses, the fake hosts at CNN and MSNBC can now go back to giving credit for the market’s gains to Barack Hussein Obama.  ‘Cuz that’s what the fake news media does.

Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part II – New texts released Wednesday morning between disgraced FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are incredibly revealing, including one in September 2016 from Page to Strzok that simply reads “POTUS [Barack Obama] wants to know everything we’re doing.”   Well, of course he did.  Anyone who has been clinging to the thought that all of this illegal activity at FBI, DOJ, the State Department and the National Security Council was taking place while President Obama sat by in blissful ignorance also believes in unicorns, the tooth fairy and global warming.

Again, as I’ve pointed out repeatedly over the last couple of months, this is all just getting started here.  The proverbial poop hasn’t really even approached that whirring fan yet.  But, as we like to say out here in Texas flyover country, it’s fixin’ to.

If you thought the pranking of bug-eyed California Rep. Adam Schiff by that Russian comedy team that I detailed in yesterday’s Evening Update was hilarious, wait ’til you get a load of the prank call they placed last year to…wait for it…MAXINE WATERS!  If you thought Ms. Waters was a bit of a lunatic already, well, you’ve only seen the tip of the lunatic iceberg with her.  Give it a listen when you have 11 free minutes.  You’ll be glad you did, trust me.

Maybe he just wants to remind the Deep State who it is that commands the military. – The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that President Trump has ordered the Pentagon brass to plan a “grand parade” that would celebrate U.S. military strength.  While everyone in the fake news media very predictably melted down, immediately drawing comparisons to similar parades staged by Hitler, Stalin and the Crazy Little Fat Guy in North Korea, I suspect the President’s intent in staging such an event is a little more subtle than that.  I imagine he’d probably invite Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and other deep state plotters to join him in the viewing stand.  Just a guess.

Speaking of President Trump, he told assembled fake reporters at the White House on Tuesday that he’d be all in favor of letting the Democrats shut down 14% of the federal government if a budget bill does not include acceptable reforms of our country’s broken immigration system.  Having just talked about the need to tighted up border security in the ongoing fight against the MS13 gang, the President said “Frankly, I’ll go a step further, if we don’t change the legislation, if we don’t get rid of these loopholes where killers are allowed to come into our country … if we don’t change it let’s have a shutdown, we’ll do a shutdown,” Trump said. “It’s worth it for our country.  I’d love to see a shutdown if we don’t get this stuff taken care of.”

Naturally, conservative talking heads on cable TV who have been wrong about literally everything since mid-2015 immediately judged the President’s comments to be a tactical error.  Mind you, these are the very same conservative talking heads who spent a full year guaranteeing us that Trump could never win the GOP presidential nomination, much less become president, and who still don’t appear to understand a damn thing about how he operates.

It seems like you wouldn’t have to say it yet again after all this time, but here we go:  Donald Trump views everything as a negotiation.  A deal.  He wants to make a deal this week that a) extends the budget through the end of the fiscal year, b) gets him funding for a wall and other enhanced border security measures, c) ends chain migration beyond nuclear family members, d) ends the insane visa lottery system, and e) provides some form of legal status for the DACA “kids” (average age: 26), including a long and difficult path to citizenship.

In every negotiation he has ever engaged in, Donald Trump always begins by laying down the gauntlet with an absolute declaration of terms and a clear reminder that he’d be happy to walk away if he doesn’t get a deal he likes.  That’s what happened yesterday.  That’s it.  If Democrats don’t think he’d be just fine if the government shut down for a week or so so people can once again see that it makes pretty much no difference at all to most of their daily lives, then they are making the mistake of believing their own BS.

Everyone also needs to remember that President Trump is very focused on keeping his campaign promises.  While he promised to fix the immigration system, he also promised to do it in a humane manner, and he views getting a fix for the DACA “kids” as a part of that.  So, he’ll be willing to negotiate here to some extent, but he’s not going to accept some idiotic surrender deal like the one John McCain is offering.  That kind of thing is DOA.

Anyway, the gauntlet has been thrown, and now the negotiation can begin.  But the President won’t be moving much off the deal parameters outlined above.  Expect 14% of the government to shut down on Friday, and expect it to stay there until the Democrats cry “uncle” again.

Just another day in Trump’s making a deal America.

That is all.

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2 thoughts on “New Strzok/Page Texts Point Straight at Obama

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    Yo! - February 7, 2018

    “Anyone who has been clinging to the thought that all of this illegal activity at FBI, DOJ, the State Department and the National Security Council was taking place while President Obama sat by in blissful ignorance also believes in unicorns, the tooth fairy and global warming.”

    It is this canonization of Barack Obama which makes me wonder if it’s worth pursuing the process of putting the man in jail. Parts of the country seems to fall in love periodically, with handsom(ish), articulate black men without asking the right questions about their character. (I have also downgraded my opinions of the character of MLK Jr, and his overall impact in the last few years.)

    I’m imagining all hell is going to break loose when the Clintons get arrested. Based on that, I’m assuming that if we dare touch an ex-President who was the first “African-American” (whatever that means, given he’s mixed race and not raised in the US until his later years by white grandparents), we might have rioting in the streets.

    I don’t know. Sadly, I do know that if only white males will be accountable for their ethics as President, then I’m going to hesitate in the future to vote for anyone but that. Being in love with “firsts” and “equality” in that sense is a complete fail for this one American.

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    Yo! - February 7, 2018

    “Naturally, conservative talking heads on cable TV who have been wrong about literally everything since mid-2015 immediately judged the President’s comments to be a tactical error. ”

    Everything about the public conversation has changed since Trump came to be a candidate.That includes people/pundits I thought were for years were at least working out of the same framework as I was. It’s been interesting for sure.

    These “conservatives” aren’t conservative, in the sense they wish to conserve anything of substance. They’re liberal traditionalists, which is why Trump causes the ‘splodey head syndrome in them, too. They talk a good game, but when it comes to actually opposing any liberal policy in a strategic, organized manner, they’re gone. They’re against the excesses of the liberal opponents, but not the core of their framework, and would prefer to stay as the “in-group” with liberals, since that’s how they judge themselves.

    Thus the Bushes who can’t even sign executive orders to defund foriegn abortions. And Bushes and Clintons who admire each other and can’t stand Trump, who by historical standards, is not exactly a reactionary. Thus the McCain “capitulation”. He probably genuinely thinks, somewhere in his fog of his corrupt brain, that “owe” the DACAs citizenship anyway and this is the way to make peace with the “good people” on the other side of the aisle. Thus the National Review, who has penned opinion pieces, almost indistinguishable from the NYT. Thus Bret Stevens, WSJ “conservative”, easily sliding over to the NYT.

    The list of examples goes on and on, but what’s clear is there is an elite group that’s developed within the US that are more in thought and action like each other than the principles they claim to have and the constituents they’re supposed to represent.

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