Adam Schiff Lies Again. In Other News, Water is Wet.

Tired of all this Losing yet? – The stock markets continued their week-long fall on Monday, with the Dow tanking a record 1175 points on the day.  Remember all that money you made in your 401(k) in January?  Yeah, that’s gone.  Nervous analysts and traders stood around after the market closed telling fake reporters that this is just your normal correction, which in truth is long overdue.  They don’t really know whether that’s true or not, but let’s all hope they are.

The House Intelligence Committee voted unanimously to release the Democrats’ 10 page memo that supposedly rebuts the FISA Abuse Memo the committee released last week.  Even in victory, bug-eyed CA congressman Adam Schiff felt the need to lie repeatedly, first claiming that the Republicans on the committed had spent the last week attempting to suppress his memo – which is most likely just a compilation of anti-Trump talking points written by a high-dollar firm such as Fusion GPS – when in fact his memo has simply been subject to the exact same vetting process that governed the FISA Abuse Memo.

But the big whopper came when he repeated his false claim to fawning fake reporters that officials in the Trump Administration have plead guilty in the Mueller witch hunt to “crimes…like collusion.”  First, there is no such crime as “collusion.”  There just isn’t – it’s not on the books anywhere, in any form.  So no one has plead guilty to any such thing.  Second, no one has even plead guilty – or indeed, even been accused of – crimes that are in any real way related to the supposed subject of Mueller’s witch hunt.  Paul Manafort is accused of financial crimes that took place years before Donald Trump ever announced his candidacy for president, and Gen. Mike Flynn and this Papadopolous clown have plead guilty to fibbing to the FBI.

The truth is the Mueller investigation is a joke, as pretty much all special counsel investigations end up turning into.  But it’s a very dangerous joke.  Having utterly failed to find a shred of proof related to its actual assignment, it has now turned into a wide-ranging effort to trick people into falling into perjury traps.  This is what the FBI refers to as “saving face.”  Can’t prove any crime was committed?  No problem – get some people under oath, ask them the same question 20 times in 20 different ways, and charge them with perjury if one of the 20 answers varies from the other 19.  Declare victory.

This is where Robert Mueller comes from – it’s a culture he helped to build and institutionalize in his many years at the FBI.   And that is why President Trump’s  lawyers, as the NYTimes reported Monday  evening, are strongly advising him not to grant an interview to Mueller.  [Disclaimer:  This Times report is based solely on anonymous sources, identified only as “four people briefed on the matter”, whatever that means.  So it’s 50/50 that it’s just more fake news.  But for the purposes of this morning’s Update, we’ll assume it’s at least partially accurate.

This is risky advice, given that Mueller, if he wants to force a constitutional crisis, has the other option of having one of his two grand juries actually issue a subpoena demanding the President appear to testify in that venue, where he would be subjected to questioning alone, with no lawyers present.  The conventional wisdom in the legal world is that the courts would rule in Mueller’s favor were such a subpoena to be issued, but Trump’s lawyers apparently doubt that Mueller would dare to go that route.  Maybe so, but this is an attempt to execute a slow-motion coup d’etat, and ignoring that reality by assuming Mueller and his deep state band of Clinton/Obama hacks are rational actors can be perilous.

In any event, the question does remain:  what would Mueller do if the President were to choose to simply ignore a subpoena issued by his grand jury?  Would he try to convince FBI Director Christopher Wray to send FBI agents, led presumably by Peter Strzok, over to the White House to arrest the Commander in Chief?  How would Wray respond to such a demand?  If Wray were to agree to Mueller’s demand, how then would the Secret Service respond to a gang of FBI agents showing up at the White House threatening the President?  For that matter, how would James Mattis respond to it?

That may all sound like silly speculation to many, but again, we must remember that we are not living in ordinary times.  We are living in a time in which one of our major political parties no longer respects our constitutional process for conducting free elections.  We are living in a time in which that political party, along with some Republican deep state collaborators, are actively attempting to nullify the outcome of the 2016 election by any means possible, and the Mueller witch hunt is the tip of their spear.

We – and the President’s lawyers – ignore that reality at our own risk.  If the Times report is accurate – again, no better than an even chance it is – assuming Mueller wouldn’t dare go there indicates they haven’t really been paying proper attention to where he’s already gone, or why he’s there in the first place.

Just another day in slow-motion coup d’etat America.
That is all.

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3 thoughts on “Adam Schiff Lies Again. In Other News, Water is Wet.

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    stevetallent - February 6, 2018

    This is why we have a 5th amendment. You can’t be forced to testify against yourself. If they bring him before a grand jury, he doesn’t have to say anything, and if he is wise, he won’t. We know he’s smart, but can he keep his mouth shut? Who knows?

    1. Reply
      Yo! - February 6, 2018

      Of course Trump can keep his mouth shut. I’ve never seen a man in public life more careful with his words, which is why the media and the Deep State have been completely unable to take him down with their normal bag of tricks. I assume the Steele dossier was developed assuming he had closet full of dark secrets and throwing something against the wall would stick. It didn’t.

      At this point, the safest bet is that he’s untouchable because the vast majority of his life has been smart, considered, disciplined, and on the up and up.

      However, the words he uses impromptu settings aren’t the polished,erudite vocabulary of the modern globalist aristocracy, so everyone of that class assumes he’s a stupid and impulsive man. As far as I can tell, he’s used that to his advantage.

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    Yo! - February 6, 2018

    “The stock markets continued their week-long fall on Monday, with the Dow tanking a record 1175 points on the day. ”

    Trump is an amazing President, but I’ve been very nervous about his habit of hanging one of his accomplishment hats on Wall Street returns. Growth in American jobs, yes, that’s good, but the stock market has very little to do modernly with actual, in the street economics. The Trump Presidency could see a bottoming out of the market through no fault of his administration. I assume he’ll overlook it if it happens, but still…eek.

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