Evening Campaign Update: CNN Goes All #FakeNews On Christopher Wray, Again

So, I gave a lunchtime speech to a group about the Trump tax plan, and when I come out of the building and get in my car, the first thing I hear on my trusty AM radio is that FBI Director Christopher Wray has threatened to resign.

Wait, what????  Three days after he “removes” Andrew McCabe from the Hoover Building less than 24 hours after he read the FISA Abuse Memo, Wray is supposed to suddenly be so overwrought about the possible release of that very same memo that he’s threatening to quit unless he gets his way?  My first reaction to this – which was reported by Fox Radio News, so I thought might actually be true – was that if Christopher Wray really is such a mercurial, pedantic drama queen, then the only appropriate response from President Trump upon receiving his letter of resignation would be to say “Adios.”

But then came the bottom of the hour, and this time I listened more closely and discovered that this story actually originated at…wait for it…CNN.  Oh, well, then, it’s obviously fake news.

And sure enough, later in the day, NBC and others knocked the story down.

Of course, we’ve been here before.  It was just January 23 when CNN last claimed that Wray had threatened to resign, then over a nudge from Attorney General Jeff Sessions to maybe get rid of …wait for it…oh, you have to wait for this one…Andrew McCabe!  I swear I don’t make this stuff up, the very same Andrew McCabe who Wray had “removed” from the Hoover building on January 29!  Yes, CNN’s vaunted “White House sources” – if they really exist – have now gone to the “Christopher Wray is threatening to resign” well two times in the last nine days.

The latest CNN fake Christopher Wray is gonna resign story is just the latest signal that the deep state skunks at DOJ and the FBI, along with their deep state agents in the fake news media, are truly apoplectic about the impending release of the FISA Abuse Memo.  CNN’s fake story was not even the first desperation move of the day – that come from bug-eyed Adam Schiff, who tweeted out the easily-refuted false allegation that House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes had made “material changes” to the memo between the time the Committee voted to release it, and the time it was handed off to the White House.  Turns out that all Nunes did was correct some syntax and punctuation errors.

After Schiff’s goofy tweet, San Fran Nan weighed in with a delirious diatribe attacking Nunes [Note: An earlier version of this mistakenly said “Schiff”.  Obviously, San Fran Nan isn’t going to attack her own guy.] personally and accusing him of drafting the memo in coordination with the White House.  Obviously, also 100% false.

In the end, all of the fake news and personal attacks won’t change anything.  The memo will be released to the public.  The President approved it today and sent it back to Nunes to be released at the Committee’s discretion.  It’s a done deal.

Here’s how you know just how damaging the Democrats know this will be to their interests:  Schiff viewed the memo more than a week ago now, and not a single passage from it has appeared in the New York Times or on CNN.  You can be sure that if this memo contained any real factual errors or anything positive for the Democrats, those parts of it would already be public.

This evening, Republicans are playing down expectations for how damaging the memo will be.  That is obviously not the expectations among congressional Democrats or their agents at CNN.

The memo could be released to the public as early as tomorrow morning.  Let the fun begin.

That is all.


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