As #ReleaseTheMemo Finally Prevails, Another Deep State Agent Bites the Dust

  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part I – Ratings for the disgusting Grammy Awards program Sunday were down 24%, and scored an all-time record low in the Nielson audience measure.  The Grammy’s fall from grace simply continues a tide among all of the Hollywood awards programs, which have turned into 3-hour-long hate fests over the last few years.  The plunging ratings for the awards programs also reflect the public’s fading appetite for Hollywood’s depraved products in general.  Cool.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part II – The Chicago Sun-Times announced it has temporarily halted the column of film critic Richard Roeper over allegations that he – gasp! – purchased followers on Twitter.  Man, if the fake news media is going to go down this particular road, it is going to find itself running fresh out of columnists very quickly, because it’s a very safe bet that pretty much all of their big muckety-muck fake writers, fake reporters, fake talking heads and fake anchors have engaged in this practice on Twitter in order to make themselves appear more popular than they actually are.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part III – Speaking of disgusting Hollywood events, a bunch of has-beens, never-weres and one Communist Mayor – ok, who am I kidding, they’re all Communists – staged something they called The People’s State of the Union last night.  “Headliners” included the slob fake-documentarian Michael Moore, B-list actor Mark Ruffalo, and a bunch of people who were sort of famous in the ’90s like Cynthia Nixon, John Leguizamo, Wanda Sykes and Rosie Perez, most of whom I had thought were dead.  Oh, and Communist New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio showed up, too, because there was a free buffet in the Green Room, and the little people paid for his limo ride.  I’d tell you what the show’s ratings were, but it’s doubtful Nielson is bothering to measure them.
  • The House Intelligence Committee met on Monday and voted along party lines to finally, at long last, release its much-ballyhooed memo on the rampant abuse of the FISA process during the Obama Administration.  President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three words) will now have five days during which he can either affirmatively approve the memo’s release, stop its release for a variety of reasons, or do nothing.  If he does nothing, the memo would be read into the congressional record at the end of the 5-day period.
  • Bug-eyed California Democrat Adam Schiff, who has spent the last year leaking classified information and doing everything else in his power to undermine the Committee’s efforts, pretended to cry as the vote was taken.  He then immediately met with reporters and, in a span of just a few minutes managed to do the following:
    • Condemned the Committee Republicans for voting to release the memo, claiming that the FBI had not even had a chance to review it, even though the FBI has had access to the memo since mid-week last week;
    • Next condemned the Committee Republicans for voting NOT to immediately release the Democrats’ own memo, which literally nobody other than its alleged authors has had any chance whatsoever to review; and
    • Somehow failed to mention the fact that the Committee had unanimously voted to submit the Democrats’ alleged memo – if it indeed actually exists – to the exact same process that the majority’s memo has gone through.  (Hey, maybe he was crying because he has to go write a memo now.)
    • All of which proves just one more time that Adam Schiff ranks right up there with San Fran Nan and Mad Maxine Waters among the most utterly dishonest members of congress.  Can it be coincidence that all three are from California?  Probably not.
  • Down goes McCabe!  Down goes McCabe!  Down goes McCabe! – Schiff’s claim that the FBI had not had the opportunity to review the FISA Abuse Memo was rendered all the more laughable given that it came just a couple of hours after Sweaty Andy McCabe, the FBI’s Deputy Director, was “removed” from the premises effective immediately, and many media reports indicated that FBI Director Christopher Wray made this decision just one day after he had conducted his own personal review of that memo.  Cause, meet effect.
  • Whatever role the FISA Abuse Memo played in the ending of McCabe’s career, the fake news media and Democrats who are intent on covering up all the Obama-era wrongdoing should be even more disturbed about the memo circulated internally at the FBI by Director Wray following McCabe’s involuntary “retirement”.  That memo to staff indicated that Wray made his decision based in part on information about McCabe contained in the pending report compiled by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz.
  • It’s fun to also remember that McCabe’s “removal” by Wray comes barely a week after the fake news media circulated a fake report that Wray had threatened to quit when Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested he get rid of his sweaty Deputy Director.  That little episode ended with the sudden dismissal of FBI Chief of Staff  Jim Ribycki.  The fake news cycles so rapidly now that that seems like an old story, doesn’t it?
  • If the Horowitz report has indeed already claimed its first scalp even before its release, you can bet there are lots of shaking knees this morning in the offices of the DNC, the NYTimes and CNN.  The deep state cabal agents are literally dropping like flies around the Hoover Building, and that’s just a wonderful thing for America.
Just another day in the Swamp is being drained America.
That is all.

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5 thoughts on “As #ReleaseTheMemo Finally Prevails, Another Deep State Agent Bites the Dust

  1. Reply
    Marty Martin - January 30, 2018

    Hunting Season for weasels just opened.

    1. Reply
      Yo! - January 30, 2018

      It’s grand, isn’t it?

  2. Reply
    chris sturge - January 30, 2018

    Will be fun watching Andy pushing shopping carts around the supermarket parking lot.

    1. Reply
      Yo! - January 30, 2018

      As of right now, McCabe has full retirement package. Technically, I guess, he’s on terminal leave until his retirement date in March. For reasons I don’t understand, a man who probably engaged in felonies routinely genuinely thinks that what’s at stake is his precious government pension. (They owe him!) I guess corruption does that to soul.

      At any rate, God willing, McCabe in the next 12-24 months will figure out that his full government pension was actually the least of his worries.

  3. Reply
    Craig Chilcutt - January 30, 2018

    Yo, I hope you are correct. If he gets his pension at all he should have to try to figure how to enjoy it from behind bars.

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