Today’s Big Mysteries: Why Did The FBI Lie, and Where in the World is Hillary Clinton?

  • Tired of all this Winning yet? – Americans for Tax Reform reports that, with Home Depot and Starbucks joining the party, the list of large companies offering employee bonuses and raises in response to the Trump tax reform has now grown to more than 250.  Somewhere, San Fran Nan is having a nervous breakdown about all these “crumbs” being handed out.
  • Where in the world is Hillary Clinton? I noted the mysterious absence from public appearances by the Pantsuit Princess a couple of weeks back, but here we are, now 26 days into the new year, and still without a single instance of the Coughing Crook rearing her head in public.  In the last 25 years, this is without doubt an unprecedented absence from the media limelight for the Fainting Felon, and we should also note that her partner in crime, Bill, has also been laying mysteriously low during 2018.  No idea what this means – could be nothing – but it is very, very odd.
  • Oh, noes, not Oprah! – Well, the Oprah Winfrey for President boomlet is over.  The billionaire TV personality told a fake interviewer for InStyle Magazine – whatever that is – that running for president “is not in my DNA.”  Of course, the truth is that Ms. Winfrey had reportedly been meeting with campaign experts over the last few weeks, and discovered that her carefully constructed billion dollar media facade would take a gigantic hit in any political campaign.  Turns out that losing her personal fortune is not in her “DNA”, either.
  • The Deep State official fake news distraction story for last night was this atrocity in the NYTimes claiming that President Donald Trump wanted to fire Robert Mueller way back last June.  Now, think about that:  Maggie Haberman, the DNC slave fake reporter who filed this bit of silliness, expects you all to believe that she has a “source” in the White House that fed her this story, but who sat on it for more than 6 months.  Do you believe that?  Not if you have firing synapses in your cranial cavity.  That obviously eliminates all the Democrats out there, but if you read the Campaign Update, you’re an actual sentient being.  So of course you aren’t buying this bit of nonsense from Ms. Haberman.
  • In obvious coordinated response to the fake story, the insipid VA Senator Mark Warner told reporters that “Any attempt to remove the Special Counsel, pardon key witnesses, or otherwise interfere in the investigation, would be a gross abuse of power,” which is, of course, utter and complete nonsense, given that any President has an absolute constitutional authority to pardon anyone or fire any executive branch employee for any old reason.  But spouting nonsense in response to planted fake NYTimes stories is what Democrats in congress do for a living.
  • The White House released a proposed set of immigration reforms on Thursday, which include 1) $25 billion in funding for a border wall and other enhanced security measures, 2) an end to most chain migration, 3) an end to the insane “diversity lottery”, and 4) a very difficult, 12-year “path to citizenship” for 1.8 million “DREAMers” and their spouses/children/parents.  Given that everybody – and I do mean everybody – in Washington, DC immediately tossed a gigantic hissy fit, it must be exactly the right compromise on the matter.
  • First, the California legislature tried to drive every business out of their state.  Now, to punish the restaurants that insist on staying in business, they’re going after the waiters.  No kidding, the CA speaker of the House has proposed a bill that would levy a $1,000 fine on any waiter who offers a customer an un-requested plastic straw.  Next, they’ll be coming for the janitors and garbage men.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.  Can we get that whole CalExit thing cranked back up again?
  • Why did the FBI lie about losing those texts?  That’s the big question for today, now that Jeff Sessions’ investigators at DOJ have made it clear they will be able to recover all of the “missing” 5 months of texts between deep state agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page:  Why did the FBI lie about this in the first place?
  • No, don’t dare object to that characterization of what the FBI did here.  They lied, pure and simple, when they claimed to the House Intelligence and Senate Judiciary Committees that the nation’s premier law enforcement agency had “failed to preserve” those texts due to a “glitch” in their system.  Whomever made that claim on behalf of the agency knew full well that the FBI has gobs of forensics experts who can always, pretty much without exception, obtain texts and emails that even the most sophisticated perps have thought they had fully deleted.  You honestly just cannot get rid of this digital information.
  • So, why would representatives of the FBI lie about being unable to recover these texts?  Did they think congress would just accept that obvious BS explanation and go away?  Did they think that Jeff Sessions would facilitate their coverup?  Did they expect FBI Director Christopher Wray to provide them cover?
  • No idea what the answer is at this point, and it’s something the public may never know.  But you have to believe there will be some pretty damning stuff in what is about to be recovered.
Just another day in lying FBI America.
That is all.

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13 thoughts on “Today’s Big Mysteries: Why Did The FBI Lie, and Where in the World is Hillary Clinton?

  1. Reply
    Paradoxically Speaking - January 26, 2018

    They had to delete the data so that they could recover only the parts they want us to see. You are correct, the FBI does not lose data, so why pretend that they did? In order to launder it.

    1. Reply
      Dogood - January 26, 2018

      I think some in the FBI did delete at least one copy of the data, and thought they got rid of them. And based on past history (Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, etc.) thought they would and could get away with it. Note the person who said the data was gone, should be named but wasn’t. There are likely records of who deleted what and when in computer logs.

      Thus, Trump/Sessions are allowing the conspirators to implicate themselves further in a coverup. It’s a lot harder to launder the data, because that involves going thru all of them, deleting the incriminating ones (from all devices, not just one one server, and all the backups that have been made as well) and leaving the rest without leaving any records of modifying the files on the computer. That’s not so easy. Especially with Trump’s people in charge, who aren’t taking people’s word when it’s so convenient for the conspirators.

    2. Reply
      Jacques Giroux - January 26, 2018

      The text message data is all stored at the telco site as they are mandated by the feds to retain the information for a period of time. If they redact anything in the text messages it will be obvious to anybody that knows that teting is done in sequences and stamped at the router level…. so no dice in editing thank god. Time for a special counsel to investigate the crooked Mueller and the rest of his crooked Fbi friends as well as the Doj…. same corruption.
      Time for Rip Van Sessions to get moving on all of this corruption Drain the Fg swamp.

    3. Reply
      Harry Seldon - January 27, 2018

      IG Horowitz had them. All of them. They ticked him off some time back, he and Admiral Rodgers are the real heroes in all this…

      1. Reply
        David Blackmon - January 27, 2018

        Exactly so.

  2. Reply
    Pete Parks - January 26, 2018

    Pretty much I don’t care where that hag is as long as she stays there.

    1. Reply
      Bob Jones - January 26, 2018

      Why did the FBI lie? Because some of the Mucky Muck’s at the FBI are anti-American. Where is Hillary Clinton? Try checking with countries that do not have an Extradition Treaty with the USA. Probably your best bet.

    2. Reply
      Dogood - January 26, 2018

      Hillary, Bill and Obama are working to ensure their coverup of their crimes, remains covered up, and what to do if the smoking guns come out. And it’s not working. They likely sent some operatives to the NYT to with the made up story about Trump wanting to fire Mueller. They are getting desperate. Besides, not too many Democrats (except the ones who want money from the Foundation) want to be associated with them now. It’s hurting their political prospects with independents and workers.

  3. Reply
    GrandpaMelvin NC - January 26, 2018

    On the immigration thing, during the 12 years before APPLYING for citizenship, should be clearly and definitively stated that they can receive NO government benefits (ie: food stamps, Section 8 housing, etc) and CAN NOT vote in either local, state, or federal elections. That would make it palatable.

    1. Reply
      Charles Aronowitz - January 26, 2018

      What about the ones who have already received govt. benefits or voted?

      1. Reply
        Jacques Giroux - January 26, 2018

        They should not have bee4en allowed to vote in the first place….so where you got your informationb is a wild guess ar best.

  4. Reply
    Jonesy - January 26, 2018

    Hildabeast – its actually nice she’s been quiet. The country has been doing just fine without her opinions on how things should be.

    Realistically speaking there a few plausible explanations – (1) She’s sick; (2) She’s simply hiding because if she makes a public appearance she’s going to get asked questions about the current goings-on she doesn’t want to answer; (3) She’s hunkered down with an army of lawyers building a defense for anything that comes out of the memo, the new email and foundation investigations.

    My guess is (3)

  5. Reply
    Tom Orlando - January 26, 2018

    Whoever at the FBI said they could not produce the texts should be fired for incompetence. All FBI cellphones should be scanned for evidence of partisanship. Those who test positive should be fired. There is no room for partisans at the FBI.

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