Trump To Mueller: Bring It On

  • Everybody in the fake news media went berserk late yesterday (I know, I know, what else is new, right?) after President Trump calmly and with obvious intent told reporters that he is “looking forward to” meeting with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The fake hosts at CNN, MSNBC and Fox News immediately put together panels of about 82 know-nothing fake reporters and “experts”, all of whom said some variation of “he’s crazy, he’s a novice, his lawyers should never let him do that!”
  • Personally, as is pretty much always the case with Donald Trump when he says something like this, I think he meant exactly what he said.  He is absolutely looking forward to meeting with Mr. Mueller because he knows he has the Special Counsel and his band of evil minions completely over a barrel at this point.  The President knows that neither his campaign nor transition team in any way “colluded” with anyone from Russia on anything, and he knows the Special Counsel has no means whatsoever of mounting anything resembling a real “obstruction of justice” case against him.
  • Don’t get me wrong:  a month and a half ago, I’d have also said that the President’s lawyers would be insane to let him sit down with a former Director of the FBI whose sole purpose for the interview would be to try to trick Trump into walking into some perjury trap, which is what the FBI always does when it is unable to make a case on the merits.  But since December 12, when DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and his year-long investigation into FBI/DOJ wrongdoing emerged onto the national stage, the entire political equation related to Mueller’s investigation has done a 180.
  • Think about what else has take place since December 12:  Our seemingly sleepy Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had previously seemed to be worried only about which Americans might be a-smokin’ that evil weed, has suddenly come to life.  Since mid-December, his Justice Department has announced the opening or re-opening of investigations into the Clinton email scandal, Uranium One, the Clinton Crime Family Fake Foundation and its myriad influence and money-laundering schemes, the Project Cassandra scandal and now the alleged “glitch” that caused the FBI to “fail to preserve” five months of texts between deep state FBI agents Strzok and Page.
  • Prior to December 12, it seemed probable that Mueller, lacking anything real to go after the President on, would resort to dummying up a false political charge of “obstruction” and then hope the Democrats win back the House of Representatives in November and use Mueller’s work to justify impeachment proceedings.  But now, knowing that Horowitz has spent the last year investigating not just the Comeys and Strzoks and Pages and McCabes and Bakers and Ohrs of the world, but also most likely monitoring the actions of the Special Counsel’s office, Mueller would have to be crazy to try to bring down the President with a phony obstruction case or an even phonier perjury case.  Robert Mueller is a lot of things, but crazy has never been one of them.
  • Then there’s also the existence of the soon-to-be-released four-page memo put together by the House Intelligence Committee which, by the way, was put together mainly using documents provided by IG Horowitz.  Mueller knows that report is likely to reveal all manner of wrongdoing during the Obama years, some of it, like Uranium One, during periods of time when he was serving as FBI Director.  Of course, it is the growing clamor to get this memo released that has thrown all the bad actors at DOJ/FBI and on the Mueller team into a panic, and moved them to start leaking their desire to interview the President to their agents in the fake news media.
  • Remember, we’ve known that Mueller plans to interview the President since December as well, so nothing has really changed here.  The current media clamor over it is simply meant to shove news about the memo out of the headlines.
  • On top of all of that, we now have reports that Sessions’ investigators at DOJ have already begun recovering the 5 months of Strzok/Page texts that the corrupt deep state operatives at the FBI had claimed they just could not find.  As the Campaign Update pointed out on Tuesday, such messages are never just “lost”, and are stored on multiple storage media in multiple locations.  The deep state cabal doesn’t get to just say “the dog ate my homework” in this situation.  The net effect of all of this is that every bit of leverage in this situation, legal and political, has shifted to Trump’s corner.
  • Someday all the fake reporters and fake talking heads might figure out that, when President Trump says things like he said yesterday, he’s doing it very intentionally and with great forethought.  That was not just some throwaway line – it was a statement of fact:  He is indeed looking forward to meeting with Robert Mueller.
  • Look, President Trump’s reality here is that he can either do a structured sit-down with Mueller with his lawyers present, or wait for Mueller to get his grand jury filled with Trump-hating Washington DC residents – 94% of whom voted against him in 2016 – to issue a subpoena.  As Bill Clinton found out, even a sitting POTUS must respond to a subpoena.  I know from personal experience that, when testifying in front of a grand jury, you are in there alone, with no counsel present.  Just you, the prosecutors and the members of the grand jury.  Trust me, that is not a fun position to be in.
  • So yesterday’s remarks by President Trump were intentional – he’s sending a blunt message to Robert Mueller that he’s calling his bluff.  He’ll do that interview, and in the meantime, the House Intelligence Committee and DOJ Inspector General are going to be rolling out the big guns.
  • If Robert Mueller wants to be remembered in history as the guy who tried to nullify a national election based on a perjury trap process crime, there’s not much Mr. Trump can do about it.  But he can make sure that Mueller and his deep state friends will pay a heavy, heavy price for going down that road with the Democrat Party.
Just another day in Trump just laid down the gauntlet America.
That is all.

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