The Government Shutdown is Here! The First Round is on Me!

  • Tired of all this Winning yet? – Yesterday’s Campaign Update told you that shutting down the government would be the best outcome for the Republicans.  Lo and behold, we have our government shutdown, as the Republicans completely out-maneuvered the Democrats on one of these things for like the first time ever.  They have President Trump and Chuck Schumer, who completely over-played a terribly weak hand to thank for that.
  • With polls showing that 70% or more of the public wanting to do “something” to “protect” the poor DACA “kids” – many of whom are in their 30s – Schumer and every other Democrat spent the entire week claiming they would not do a deal to extend government funding without including some sort of amnesty for these folks who are in our country illegally.
  • When President Trump called Schumer over to the White House early Friday afternoon, Chuckie boy rushed over with a list of demands in-hand, no doubt expecting Trump to cave, like any of his Republican predecessors would have done in this same situation.  But Trump is not a Bush, and no caving was to be had, so poor Chuckie left the White House in a huff, so obviously angry that he actually passed up a chance to talk to the assembled reporters outside, the first time Mr. Schumer has passed up a chance to have his face on TV since he was in grade school.  At that moment, he no doubt fully intended to get back over the Capitol and hold a presser announcing his caucus was going to shut down the government.
  • But a couple of funny things happened while he was on his way back to the office.  First, he was no doubt told by his staff that the hashtag #SchumerShutdown had been trending on Twitter since Sarah Huckabee Sanders had used the term in her White House press briefing earlier in the day.  Second, CNN released a poll while Schumer was in the Oval Office showing that, by a margin of 56 to 34, people thought it was more important to keep the government open and protect Americans than it is to shut it down over an issue related to 800,000 illegal immigrants.
  • Why was that CNN poll such a big deal?  Well, you have to think like the Democrats think.  While there are still good people in the Democrat Party – no, really, there truly still are a handful of well-intentioned Americans still willing to associate with this band of miscreants – the party itself has no soul.  The party itself really believes in nothing, unless believing in something helps it to obtain and maintain political power.  That’s it.  They don’t really give a damn about these DACA “kids”, unless caring about them helps them in that over-arching goal.  Thus, that CNN poll told them clearly that standing firm on a DACA fix at this time was a horrible political loser for them, bigly.
  • Thus, Schumer and his entire caucus then went into panic mode, and spent the next several hours trying to concoct talking points that would make giving in look like some sort of “victory”, and throwing out an array of alternative plans that would have allowed them to keep the government open while saving a little face.  But Mitch McConnell and his Senate Republicans for once held firm and rejected each and every one of them, even as little Lindsey Graham was conducting shuttle diplomacy between Schumer’s and McConnell’s offices, begging them all to give in one more time.
  • So, we wake up this morning, on the anniversary of Donald Trump’s being sworn into office, with 14% of the federal government technically shut down.  As the Campaign Update said on Friday, this is literally the perfect coda to Trump’s first year in office.  If you want to clean out the swamp, one of the things you simply must do is stop giving in to the Democrats in these idiotic games of political brinksmanship.
  • The real glory in all of this is that President Trump for once does not get all the credit for the GOP finally, at long last, doing the right thing.  The happy fact is that every leader in the congressional GOP played his role perfectly.  Speaker Paul Ryan had his congressional chamber pass the bill that set the tone – with bi-partisan support – on Thursday, and then promptly adjourned the House and sent everyone home so they would not be around to gum up the works any further.  Perfect.
  • McConnell and Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn then played their hand perfectly all day long on Friday, putting out a steady drumbeat of consistent messaging about how the Democrats were ignoring the interests of the millions of American citizens in the name of making a special deal for a relative handful of illegal immigrants, a message that Ryan stayed in town to help push as well.
  • It was all perfect.  Everyone played their roles just right.  They’ll still get blamed for the shutdown by the fake news media, but the panic on the Democrat side clearly demonstrated which party will gain strength from this shutdown come election day.
  • At long last, Donald Trump appears to be rubbing off on members of his own party.  They’re slow learners, but it does seem that these old dogs are capable of learning new tricks.  Tricks like #Winning in situations where they had always lost in the past.  This is a day to celebrate if you really care about this country.
Just another day in President Trump just keeps on #Winning America.
That is all.

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7 thoughts on “The Government Shutdown is Here! The First Round is on Me!

  1. Craig Chilcutt - January 20, 2018

    Summed up very well! You are fast becoming my “go to” read of the day.

    1. David Blackmon - January 20, 2018

      Many thanks, Craig! Be sure to tell all your friends, family and worst liberal enemies!

  2. American_League - January 20, 2018

    Everyone with a brain knows that DACA is pure politics.
    If the Dems thought that the Repubs would get the votes of these illegals, they would be on the other side of the issue, doing everything in their power to deport them.
    If the Repubs thought that they would get their votes, they would welcome amnesty with open arms.
    It is only the American citizens who weigh the pros and cons of amnesty with any insight.
    How does granting amnesty effect the salaries, health care, and public safety of the American Citizen?
    How does amnesty effect future illegal immigration?
    Why grant amnesty to those who broke the law, while other potential immigrants wait patiently, obeying our laws, have to wait longer and longer for their chance at the American Dream?
    Will the numbers of Legal immigrants have to be reduced because illegals took their place?

    Those Dreamers have already received vast benefits of good health and education at the expense of the American Taxpayer.
    They can return to their home country with a better education and startup money than those with whom they will compete with for jobs.
    If they are so valuable to our commerce, and strengthen us as a nation, would they not be much more valuable to their home nation?

    IF we grant this amnesty, no border wall will ever be high enough to stop the next wave of illegal immigration.
    Rewarding bad behavior, only garners more bad behavior.

    1. Yo! - January 20, 2018

      “IF we grant this amnesty, no border wall will ever be high enough to stop the next wave of illegal immigration.
      Rewarding bad behavior, only garners more bad behavior.”

      Chances are I’m way further to the right on immigration than you are. I want the borders closed for at least 4 decades so we can assimilate who have and nurture homegrown talent. A place like the US does not need Indian MDs or techies. That’s just lazy and soft. (And meanwhile, I think it’s safe to say that India could use a bit more of it’s own talent at home).

      And I say, let’s give the idiots DACA. What Trump wants will prevent DACA from occurring again. It’s scale is nothing like the Reagan amnesty, if I recall correctly.

      Meanwhile the Dems want DACA so badly that they’ll basically give Trump almost complete control over spending to “shutdown” the government. It’s ridiculous that the Dem donors have placed so much emphasis on it (agreed the Dems don’t really care about DACA recipients) but it’s almost like gift from God. All DACA does is codify what’s actually happening anyway. It’s like giving away something you already gave away, even if on accident.

      And 800,000 is not enough votes for Democrats long term. DACA is 100% about getting donors to open up their wallets. The DNC is in debt (surprise!) and all the money from the Bezos crowd has dried up after the Hillary debacle. They need cash. DACA is about re-engizinging their limousine liberals, nothing more.

  3. Yo! - January 20, 2018

    The 2nd round is on me!

  4. Yo! - January 20, 2018

    Also, it appears that at least part of Hell has frozen over, because somehow McConnell and Ryan managed to not be complete pushovers and did everything right. Maybe it’s all this global warming this winter.

  5. Alby - January 20, 2018

    This will end when Chuck Schumer ends the Democrat’s filibuster. Simple.

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