A Government Shutdown Would Be the Best Outcome for the GOP

  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part I – The New York Times released a poll on Thursday showing Americans’ support for the recently-passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is soaring upwards as people wake up to the fact that they’ve been lied to about its impacts by the Democrats and their agents in the fake news media.  This comes before the new tax withholding tables begin to result in higher paychecks for working folks.  Just wait until that kicks in.  This is all very predictable.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part II – Bloomberg reports that U.S. jobless claims last week fell to their lowest level since 1973.  This likely means that the unemployment rate, already at its lowest point since 2000 at 4.1%, may well fall even further in January.  #Winning.
  • All members of the House Intelligence Committee were given full access to the final tranche of the “Russia Collusion” documents released by the FBI and DOJ on Thursday, along with a four page executive summary report that details the documents’ contents.  The intrepid Sara Carter – one of a small handful of real, actual journalists still working in the nation’s capital these days – reports that Cong. Matt Gaetz and other Republican members of the Committee are so shocked at the wrongdoing at DOJ and the FBI revealed in this report that they are demanding its immediate release to the public.
  • But, Carter says, one ranking member of the Committee told her it could take until the end of the month before that happens.  Why in the world would it take that long?  C’mon, guys, take a cue from California’s bug-eyed Congressman Adam Schiff and the other Democrats on the Committee and just leak the damn thing.  This is a war for the soul of this country: Stop fighting this war with Nerf guns when your opposition keeps fighting it with AR-15s.
  • Well, here we are again:  the Democrats in the Senate are intent upon shutting down 14% of the government until they get amnesty for the 800,000 “DREAMers”, who are in our country illegally, in exchange for agreeing to yet another short-term continuing resolution, and the Republicans are in their standard panic because they know the mean ol’ fake news media will blame them for it all.  This is the most pathetic of all of Washington’s myriad ongoing Kabuki dances that get repeated several times every year.
  • It is also yet another example of how the establishment Republicans who make up the party’s leadership in congress have not the slightest idea what is good for them.  The simple fact of the matter is that the best thing the GOP could do would be to issue a joint announcement from Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell this morning  that says the Republican members of congress are prepared to pass a clean bill to fund the government through the end of this fiscal year, and will do so as soon as the Democrats in the Senate can produce the 9 votes necessary to get that done.
  • Every Republican in congress should then simply leave town and come back only after the Democrats have produced those 9 votes.  Let the Democrats have their shut-down, and let the American people see, for as long as that lasts, that the only potential impact that has on their lives is that they won’t get to make that trip to Yellowstone or Yosemite that 99.9 percent of them weren’t planning on taking anyway.
  • This is the same principle as what is happening with the tax bill:  As ordinary Americans wake up to the fact that San Fran Nan and everyone at CNN spent months lying to them about what that law really does, their attitudes towards it are changing.  The same thing would happen with a government “shut-down” that only shuts down “non-essential” services that only constitute 14% of the damn government.  Let it happen, and let it go on for as long as it takes, and watch public attitudes change as people wake up to the reality that the Democrats and fake news media have been lying to them about that, too.
  • Besides, the Republicans have a very recent object lesson about government shutdowns that they just refuse to learn from.  The last time the GOP got blamed for shutting down the government – in 2013, when Ted Cruz forced it to happen with a filibuster over Obamacare – what were the consequences for getting blamed for it?
  • The ‘consequence’ was that, 14 months after that shutdown took place, the GOP won its single biggest sea-change congressional blowout in history.  Why did that happen?  Because that filibuster by Senator Cruz proved that at least some congressional Republicans were capable of standing on principle, the GOP base voters turned out in near-record numbers in the 2014 elections as a result.
  • But because that object lesson came from Cruz, who is roundly hated by almost all establishment Republicans, those GOPe members of congress refuse to admit he was right, and continue their skittish ways in these brinksmanship situations.
  • President Trump should also take that object lesson to heart.  A shutdown of the government would be the perfect coda to the end of his first full year in office.  You want to truly clean out the DC Swamp?  Refuse – just refuse to sign any “continuing resolution” and demand that congress do its job and produce a real budget for the rest of FY 2018.  Put an end to all this government shutdown nonsense once and for all.  That would take all this Winning to another level entirely.
  • Sadly, though, the President appears to be taking his advice on this from the same squeamish dimwits who are advising Ryan and McConnell.  That’s too bad, because he is missing a golden opportunity to do something yuuuuge to truly make America great again.
Just another day in squeamish establishment Republicans America.
That is all.

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3 thoughts on “A Government Shutdown Would Be the Best Outcome for the GOP

  1. dts3204 - January 19, 2018

    Shut her down send the Non essential home and never call them back. As far as dreamers send them to California then raid the state and send them home via slow ships

  2. Jonesy - January 19, 2018

    Go ahead, shut it down….don’t cave Repubs, have some backbone. While that nonsense is going on, release the FISA/DOJ memo. Supposedly its so shocking some members of Congress can’t believe it. And the only reason to take until the end of the month to release the thing is to provide time for folks in the FBI and DOJ to lawyer up and get their stories rehearsed.

    Oh and Judicial watch just released additional documents showing Hildabeast had MORE classified information on her home system. Seriously, what will it take to indict this woman?

  3. KATHLEEN L BARRY - January 19, 2018

    Our government can be run better without all the garbage makers who are there now, shut it down and don’t replace half of them when it re-opens, time to get rid of the Federal unions, I see potentially great good coming out if this so called shut down if we do it correctly.

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