Cory Booker, Luis Gutierrez and the White House Press Corps: Perfect Faces for the Democrat Party

  • The Democrat/fake news media effort to paint President Donald Trump as a racist became the theater of the absurd on Tuesday, thanks to the histrionics of Cory Booker and the lack of self-awareness of Rep. Luis Gutierrez.
  • In ranting against Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen during a hearing, the execrable Sen. Booker used language and bullying gestures that would have made any Republican a target of the #Metoo movement.  He gets a pass from the fake news media because he’s a Democrat targeting a Republican woman – who we all know that liberals consider to be fair targets for harassement – but Booker’s behavior, in any other workplace, would be cause for firing given that it was clearly harassment of the worst kind.
  • Note to congressional Democrats:  You work in a workplace environment that is among the most abusive in the entire country, outside of NBC.  The fact that you consider yourselves exempt from the sexual harassment laws under which everyone else in America must live is one of the main reasons why Donald Trump is President today, and why he will probably become a two-term president.  It’s going to be a long, long 8 years for you people.
  • Speaking of execrable human beings, Illinois Democrat (because of course he’s a Democrat) Luis Guitierrez took the whole “Trump is a racist” narrative a step further, telling an interviewer that Trump could “lead the Ku Klux Klan.”  Um, we’ve had former Klan associates in the White House in the past, Congressman.  Their names were Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman.  Both were Democrats.
  • We’ve had Klan leaders in congress as well – they were all, including famous Klan Kleagle Robert Byrd – Democrats.  Byrd’s fellow Democrats were so fond of him that they ended up elevating him to Senate Majority Leader.  The fact is that the Klan was a creation of the Democrat Party, and served as the armed wing of the Democrat Party for many decades.  It only started to lose its power when folks in the South started voting for Republicans.
  • Mr. Guitierrez is not running for re-election to congress this year, and has told various folks that he may well run for the presidency in 2020.  Let’s hope he does – he’d be the perfect representative for the Democrat Party:  irrational, obtuse, ineffective, enraged and ignorant.
  • Maybe it is time for Sen. Orrin Hatch to retire after all.  During a hearing on Tuesday, Sen. Hatch reached up with both hands to carefully remove his reading glasses from his head and slowly lower them to the table in front of him.  The only problem:  Sen. Hatch was not wearing his reading glasses.  Have a wonderful retirement, Senator, you deserve it.
  • White House Physician Ronny Jackson spent a full hour before Tuesday’s daily press briefing, reviewing the physical and mental cognitive exam he and other doctors administered to President Trump last Friday.  Dr. Jackson told the assembled slack-jawed fake reporters that the President scored a perfect 30 for 30 on the cognitive test, a conclusive refutation of the stupid charge that has run rampant in the fake news media that the President is crazy.  Dr. Jackson also told the reporters that, although Mr. Trump is clearly overweight and doesn’t consume the most ideal diet – to put it mildly – he can thank his genes for his excellent overall physical health.
  • Dr. Jackson has served George W. Bush, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump as White House physician.  Prior to that, he served two tours in Iraq as an emergency field surgeon.  He is a highly-regarded Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy.  His credentials, in other words, are simply unassailable.  No rational human being would question his judgment.
  • But these aren’t rational human beings we’re talking about here – they’re fake reporters.  Rather than take this highly-qualified physician’s word for the findings, fake reporters who make up the White House press corps, seeing their “Trump is unfit for the job” narrative circling down the drain before their very eyes, pelted him with idiotic questions that only exposed their own rank stupidity for the next hour.  These people are the most contemptible human beings on the planet.  No wonder they’re all Democrats.
Just another day in the worst people in the world are all Democrats America.
That is all.

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