Any Day Ben Rhodes is Left Speechless is a Good Day for America

  • A new HBO Film that fake-documents the last year of the Obama Administration will premier on Jan. 19.  The Daily Caller reports this morning that the film contains a scene in which ex-UN Ambassador and serial unmasker Samantha Power hosts an Election Night “female empowerment” party for women diplomats from all over the world to celebrate the impending victory by the Pantsuit Princess.  “I thought what an amazing night for them. I mean, that’s what America represents to the world, when a glass ceiling is shattered in our country, it creates a whole new sense of possibility for people everywhere,” Power says.  Things didn’t turn out quite the way Ms. Power wanted, and she and her party guests went to bed sad.
  • In the film, Obama propagandist Ben Rhodes recounts how he was so stunned by the election results that he couldn’t use his words:  “I am usually not without thoughts and words. But you know, I think—I kept trying—beginning to say something.”  What’s the matter – cat got your tongue?
  • But of course, it wasn’t a cat who had the wordy Mr. Rhodes tongue.  More likely, it was the realization that all the efforts by so many Obama evil minions to try to ensure victory for the Fainting Felon had gone astray, and that there would be consequences to be paid for those efforts.
  • On Friday, the Inspector General’s office of the Department of Justice began the process of releasing the 1.2 million supporting documents related to its investigation of the election campaign-related activities of various DOJ/FBI employees, a group that I’ve referred to as the Deep State Cabal.  As the first step in that process, the OIG released several hundred thousand documents to the members of the House Intelligence Committee for viewing.
  • This release came a week after DOJ had released the remainder of its documents related to the fake investigation of the Fainting Felon’s illegal email server, an investigation that has now been reopened at the order of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  It came just a few days after DOJ had announced the first indictment related to the Uranium One scandal, and on the heels of announcements that DOJ was pursuing active investigations into Uranium One, the activities of the Clinton Foundation while the Pantsuit Princess served as Secretary of State, and the Project Cassandra scandal.
  • Mr. Rhodes and Ms. Power were left so distraught on Election Night 14 months ago because they knew this day would come.  They, and all the participants in the Deep State Cabal had bet everything on a huge win by their Cackling Candidate.  Had she won, all of the Cabal’s crimes against the country would have been covered up and shunted off to the dustbin of history.  That was the plan – it was going to work, it had to work, because no one thought to put in place a contingency plan for failure.
  • But it didn’t work.  There are many reasons why, one of which is that Admiral Mike Rogers, Director of the National Security Agency, intervened.  The Cabal had begun its spying activities on the Trump Campaign in early 2016 via the use of hundreds of “unmasking requests” under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).  Rogers became aware of this unusually high number of such requests in April 2016, traced them to their source and discovered that a subcontractor to the FBI had been data mining the NSA Signals Intelligence database, the database that logs every communication made by every American every day.
  • Rogers shut this practice down, and the Cabal was forced to scramble to devise another means of continuing its spying on the Trump Campaign.  We now know that this led to the DNC and Clinton Campaign’s decision to spend millions of dollars funding the compiling – in coordination with Russian agents – of the fake Trump Dossier, and that Dossier ended up at James Comey’s FBI in early summer 2016.  We know that, after obtaining that Dossier made up of wild accusations that Trump was some sort of Russian agent, the FBI was able to obtain a FISA warrant to reactivate its spying activities on the Trump Campaign, and that those spying activities continued after the election on the Trump Transition Team, which had its offices in Trump Tower.
  • On November 17, Admiral Rogers made what the fake news media called a “surprise visit” to Trump Tower and met with President-elect Trump and his team.  The very next day, on November 18, Trump announced he was moving his transition team’s headquarters to the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminister, New Jersey. This was most likely not a coincidence.
  • On January 20, 2017, Trump is sworn into office.  A few weeks later, Jeff Sessions is sworn in as Attorney General, and one of the first actions he takes is to order DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz to investigate the Cabal.  Rather than initiate an immediate purge of all the bad actors, the decision was apparently made to keep the enemies closer instead, and catch them in the act.
  • That year-long process has now almost reached its conclusion.  It is likely that the final report has gone to AG Sessions for review and approval, which is would explain why the process of rolling out the supporting documentation to relevant congressional committees has begun.
  • Thanks to the recent deal made between Chairman Devin Nunes and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, various participants in the Cabal will be testifying before the House Intel Committee and probably other committees in the coming weeks.  It is very unlikely we will see that final report until all that testimony has been completed, for obvious reasons.
  • But it’s coming soon, and when it does, Ben Rhodes may find himself left speechless once again, and Ms. Power won’t be hosting any celebrations.
Just another day in keeping your enemies close America.
That is all.

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4 thoughts on “Any Day Ben Rhodes is Left Speechless is a Good Day for America

  1. MeezaThinkin - January 16, 2018

    There better be some accountability on these people coming soon. And it better be real… These are criminal acts and there need to be consequences. You want to drain the swamp, Mr. Trump. This story is the chain to the main drain. Pull it hard!

    1. Headache - January 16, 2018

      Do you think the Mueller Team is destroying evidence?

      1. Yo! - January 16, 2018

        They don’t seem that competent. Oddly white glove for a bunch of people trying to rig an election. That works for our side.

      2. IllKeepMine - January 16, 2018

        Absolutely and trying their hardest to deflect and obfuscate the facts.

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