Thank Goodness President Trump Didn’t Use A Term That Starts With “Cluster…”

  • What is wrong with voters in Arizona?  In all seriousness, how does a single state end up electing the likes of John McCain and Jeff Flake to be its senators?  Of course, McCain won re-election yet again in 2016 just based on his name, but there is literally no excuse for Jeff Flake, who is blessedly reaching the end of his first – and only – senatorial term.
  • To Arizona citizens’ credit, Flake’s approval rating in his home state has hovered in the teens over the last year as he has become increasingly irrational, and that reality is what led him to decline to run for re-election.  But he gets to hang around for another year, and because he’s been a critic of President Donald Trump he is becoming a favorite go-to Republican for leftwing fake media outlets like ABC and MSNBC, where he made the rounds on Sunday morning.
  • First, Flake appeared on ABC’s “This Week” program, where he compared President Trump’s extremely accurate criticisms of America’s fake news media to tactics employed by Josef Stalin.  That statement alone will get him four more segments with George Stephanopoulos over the next few months.
  • This led next to an appearance on MSNBC’s “KasieDC”, a show hosted by an apparent 12 year-old fake journalist.  In this appearance, Flake demonstrated that he clearly suffers from delusions of grandeur, as he said he would not rule out making a run for the presidency in 2020.  This is known as the George Pataki Syndrome, and if you’re not quite sure who George Pataki is, that’s why it’s called that.
  • 43 years after Roger Staubach and Drew Pearson knocked the Minnesota Vikings out the NFL playoffs on the game’s final play with the legendary “Hail Mary Pass”, the Vikings got a “Hail Mary” of their own, as QB Case Keenum hit WR Stefon Diggs to knock the New Orleans Saints out of the playoffs and advance to the NFC Championship Game.  Fans of the Houston Texans should all remember that their Head Coach, Bill O’Brien, decided that Keenum just wasn’t good enough to play for his team.  The Texans sported a 4-12 record this season as Keenum was leading the Vikings to a division championship, and O’Brien was just awarded a 5-year contract extension.  Oof.
  • The Hawaii state employee who sent the state into chaos on Saturday by accidentally pushing a button that sent out a warning that a nuclear missile was incoming was “reassigned” by his bosses yesterday.  No word on what his new assignment might be, but lets hope they didn’t put him in a room with the Amber Alert button.
  • Meanwhile, California continues its devolution into America’s first third-world state.  The government announced on Friday that the Golden State now sports the highest poverty rate in the nation.  Yep, that’s higher than Mississippi, higher than Arkansas, higher than all 49 other states.  That Jerry Brown and his Marxist policies sure have done a world of good, huh?
  • Finally, as a public service for those who slept through it, here is a quick bullet-point review of how last week went:
    • In a private meeting in the Oval Office, President Trump allegedly uses the term “shithole countries” to describe countries that are, let’s face it, shitholes;
    • Democrat Dick Durbin leaks the President’s comment to the Washington Post;
    • Talking heads on CNN and MSNBC say “shithole” literally hundreds of times over the next 24 hours;
    • Social Justice Warriors who have spent their entire lives attempting to destroy every standard for decency in our society wail about the President having a foul mouth;
    • Democrat politicians who have for years told us that we can’t send illegal immigrants back to their home countries like Haiti and El Salvador because those countries are, let’s face it, “shitholes”, tweet out mocked-up images showing what beautiful places Haiti and El Salvador really are;
    • The terminally dishonest Sen. Durbin slams the President for using the term “chain migration”, claiming it is “racist”;
    • Hours later, video is revealed of Sen. Durbin calling for an end to “chain migration” in the well of the Senate in 2011;
    • A trans-gender traitor who was convicted of leaking classified information announced his/her run in the Maryland Democrat primary, challenging incumbent Ben Cardin for the U.S. Senate.  No one in the fake news media even blinks;
    • Some guy hits the wrong button and throws the entire state of Hawaii – which is not a “shithole” – into a 30-minute panic.  Liberals everywhere blame Donald Trump for an incident caused by a state agency because of course they do;
    • And it all ends with Jeff Flake, the least popular member of the U.S. Senate, telling a 12 year-old fake reporter on MSNBC that he might run for the presidency in 2020.
  • At the end of the week, we should all just breathe a sigh of relief that the President didn’t use a term that begins with the word “cluster.”  Whew.
Just another day in it was a real “shithole” of a week America.
That is all.

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1 thought on “Thank Goodness President Trump Didn’t Use A Term That Starts With “Cluster…”

  1. Yo! - January 15, 2018

    As far as I can tell right now, the word that has taken the Internet by storm seems to be a misremembered comment by Durbin. In other words fake news, again.

    But…it’s obviously even backfired on him as most people like, yeah, some countries are rather feces filled, aren’t they? Then the hilarious attempt to by open borders advocates to point out how genuinely wonderful those countries are. And the fake news got a chance to act like the vulgar 13 year olds they now are.

    Living during President Trump’s administration is just amazing.

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