Trey Gowdy Frees Up Time To Focus On The Storm To Come

  • For about half an hour on Saturday, the people in Hawaii thought their state was under nuclear attack.  Isn’t that lovely.  What turned out to be a false message was sent out by the Hawaii Emergency Alert Agency (HEAA) because “someone pushed the wrong button,”, according to the Agency’s head, Vern Miyagi.  That’s a hell of a wrong button to push, Vern.
  • So for 30 minutes everyone in the Islands panicked, for good reason.  People were screaming, crying, shoving babies into storm drains, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!  And then ol’ Vern there figured out that one of his employees – probably some guy named Carl or Hank or Boomhauer, had just pushed the wrong magic button, so he pushed the other magic button and everyone went back to surfing and roasting pigs in the sand.
  • This really isn’t funny, though, is it?  Hey, maybe the folks at HEAA might want to think about putting a safety mechanism on that magic button, so that Carl or Hank or Boomhauer might have to actually think twice before it gets pushed.  You know, like we do on guns.  That’s the thing to do, tellya whut.
  • Trey Gowdy, Congressman from South Carolina, resigned from the House Ethics Committee on Saturday, and everyone in the fake news media typically missed the real story here.  Gowdy, who sits on four committees and chairs House Oversight and Government Reform, cited a “heavy work load” in making his announcement, and who can blame him?  But that’s not the real story here – or at least not the full one.
  • Think about which other committees Gowdy sits on addition to the two mentioned above:  Judiciary and Intelligence.  These are two of the six congressional committees that have spent the last year investigating the Democrat/media Russia Collusion fantasy.  Those investigations started with a focus on allegations that the Trump campaign and transition team “colluded” with some unidentified “Russians” to influence the 2016 election outcome, but in the process of doing that, realized that the only collusion with the Russians going on during that campaign was perpetrated by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC.
  • To understand what Gowdy is doing here in freeing up some of his time, first think about what happened at the end of last week.  That Friday, thanks to the tireless efforts of Chairman Devin Nunes, the members of the House Intelligence Committee gained access to all the FBI/DOJ documents related to the fake Trump Dossier.  As I mentioned on Wednesday, none of the information in those documents has leaked to CNN or anyone else in the fake news media, which means there is no good news in them for the Democrats.
  • Now, think ahead to what is supposed to happen at some point this week:  The long-anticipated special report from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz should be finally released.  Horowitz has now spent a full year investigating the actions of FBI and DOJ officials related to Uranium One, the Clinton email scandal, the fake Trump Dossier, and Russia collusion allegations.
  • Also consider that just this past week, DOJ issued its first indictment related to Uranium One, an indictment that was of course ignored by the fake news media as it focused on presidential cursing.  Because that’s what the fake news media is there to do.
  • The IG has given the House Intel Committee a preview by releasing some of its documentation in recent weeks.  Also keep in mind the facts that, over the last three weeks, Attorney General Sessions announced the re-opening of DOJ investigations into Uranium One and the Clinton Crime Family Fake Foundation, and Nunes secured agreements from DOJ to force members of the Deep State Cabal to testify before that committee.  Those witnesses are scheduled to start appearing before the committee as soon as this week.
  • What all this means is there’s a storm coming to Washington, DC.  So if you think Rep. Gowdy resigned his seat on House Ethics just because he wants to spend more time with his family, think again.  The real story – which we never seem to get from the fake news media – is most likely that he wanted to free up more of his time so he can spend it where the action is about to be.
Just another day in The Storm is Coming to Washington America.
That is all.

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3 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy Frees Up Time To Focus On The Storm To Come

  1. Reply
    bdnsc - January 14, 2018

    Hopefully Gowdy will be more successful at actually getting indictments than he has been in the past.
    We’ve all had enough jaw-boning. Bring on the charges!!

  2. Reply
    Soqueesh_Mulhatra - January 14, 2018

    Nothing would make me happier than to see the dem crime cartel go down, but I won’t believe it until I see the entire Obammy/Clinton cabal getting frog marched off to a federal supermax.

    1. Reply
      Brian Norman - January 14, 2018

      Sorry S_M, that’s something you will never see. There is noway that this government, administration, congress and court system is going to allow these people to be arrested and charged with any crimes, even though we know they committed them, because they are all afraid of the resulting civil unrest and riots that would occur nation wide, if it should happen. They are not afraid of us, because we don’t go out and riot and destroy things when we don’t get our own way, we just bitch and accept it. Do you honestly think an ex President is going to be cuffed and carted of to jail?, I think not.

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