Saturday Trump Roundup – All The #Winning That’s Fit To Print


  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part I – For the 90th time since Election Day 2016, the Dow Jones Industrial Index closed at an all-time record high on Friday, and all other stock indeces did the same.  Do you really care that much about the President’s potty mouth?
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part II – Retailers recorded the strongest holiday season sales in a decade.  Sales for November and December were up 5.5% over 2016.  Somewhere, Barack Obama’s talking points monkeys are trying to find a way for their guy to take credit.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part III – The IRS reported late Thursday that fully 90% of workers in the U.S. will see more take-home money in their paychecks as soon as February.  This is what San Fran Nan Pelosi refers to as “Armageddon.”
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part IV – President Trump’s medical examination on Friday went “exceptionally well,” per the doctor in charge.  This is not really any surprise, but it is just one more nail in the coffin of the “Trump isn’t fit to hold the office” nonsense being pushed by the fake news media and the Democrats.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part V – Records show that the Yale psychiatry professor who unethically “diagnosed” the President as being mentally unstable doesn’t even have a license to practice.   Perhaps someone should diagnose her.
  • Where in the world is Hillary Clinton? Day 12. – Yes, friends, we are 12 days into 2018, and have still not heard a single public utterance from the Pantsuit Princess.  Oh, her Twitter account did issue a statement on the President’s “shithole” remark, but the Coughing Crook probably has a staff of half a dozen flunkies to man her Twitter feed.
  • I’m talking about actual words – you know, talking.  In public.  Not a word from the Fainting Felon, a dozen days into the year?  This is not normal.  Not normal at all.  Come to think of it, we haven’t seen anything out of Slick Willie either.  All year long.  Something’s up.  Wonder what it might be?
  • Speaking of Slick Willie, Elon Musk obviously learned a thing or two from him about public prevarication.  The headline at the Daily Caller this morning reads “Elon Musk Admits He Attended Sex Party, But That None Of The Activities Happened While He Was There”.   Sounds just like “Bill Clinton Admits To Smoking Pot, But Swears He Did Not Inhale”.  Slick must have lent Elon his old talking points monkeys.
  • Speaking of the Pantsuit Princess, New York Magazine revealed tape of abusive MSNBC fake host Chris Matthews – who somehow still has a job despite being revealed as a textbook harasser – talking about giving the Coughing Crook a “Bill Cosby pill” prior to interviewing her during the 2016 campaign.  ummmmm…that’s just gross.
  • The leftist UK Guardian ran a story on Friday titled “Is deep-red Texas ready for a gay Latina Democrat? Lupe Valdez thinks so”.  Ummm, no.  Probably not.  But it’s not because Ms. Valdez – who has led an incredibly admirable life that includes serving the country in the U.S. Army Reserve, and at the Department of Homeland Security before becoming Police Chief for the city of Dallas – is gay or Latina.  It’s because she’s in favor of abortion on demand, and she’s a Democrat in a state that hasn’t elected a Democrat to a statewide office since 1994.  No amount of wishful thinking on the part of the Texas Democrat Party or the fake news media is going to change that.  You don’t have to believe me – just ask Wendy Davis.
  • Paul Mirengoff has an excellent piece this morning at Powerline titled “Playing the Race Card on Immigration.”  You can read it for yourself – I highly recommend it – but I especially liked the closing line:  “It is cynical for Democrats and anti-Trumpers to play the race card in what is a legitimate policy dispute about immigration.”  Well, sure it is.  But playing the race card is all they got.
  • Finally, for all the Bernie Sanders fans out there, Daily Wire has a great piece this morning detailing the inevitable end game of Sanders’ socialist/communist policies that is playing itself out right now in Venezuela.  The headline reads “SOCIALIST PARADISE: Several Dead, 15 Injured In Fight For Food In Venezuela”.  Read the whole thing.  Seriously, just read it – it’ll do you good.  You might even learn something.
Just another day in Donald Trump just keeps Winning America.
That is all.

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