The World Keeps Closing in on the Deep State Cabal

  • Oprah’s going to regret ever having given that speech. – Harvey Weinstein’s best pal for 20 years now finds herself getting just a small taste of what her carefully-constructed facade will be subjected to if she really does attempt to mount a run for the presidency.  She has now been irrevocably exposed as one of Weinstein’s closest confidants over the last two decades, her history of pushing conspiracies on her TV show is being revisited, her promotion of a facial cream made partially from babies’ foreskins is being revisited, and even her oft-told back story of having grown up in abject squalor is being challenged by people who knew her during her childhood.
  • Even the singer Seal lashed out at her on Wednesday, pointing out the likelihood that she knew about Weinstein’s serial abuse of women for years and did nothing about it, saying she’s been “part of the problem for years”.  This is just a small, small taste of what’s to come, Oprah.  It’s not something that giving away gift bags or even cars to everybody will stop.  You sure you want to be president?
  • Speaking of Harvey Weinstein, the monster himself got punched out Tuesday night by a fellow diner at a swanky joint in Scottsdale, AZ.  Nobody on the face of the earth felt bad for him, except maybe Oprah and Meryl Streep.
  • Sen. Dianne “Sneaky” Feinstein, now concerned that she may have violated laws by releasing the transcript of closed testimony by Fusion GPS Founder Glenn Simpson, is now blaming a “bad cold” for slowing her already puny mental faculties as the reason she made that decision.  That hilariously lame and obviously false rationalization comes after she let slip in an answer to a reporter that she “was pressured” by some unnamed entity to make the unilateral decision to put the transcript out in public over the wishes of Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley.  Feinstein later said she “misspoke” when she said that, but of course, Democrats always “misspeak” whenever the truth accidentally escapes their lips.
  • The most likely truth here, of course, is that Sen. Feinstein released Simpson’s testimony in order to provide a head’s up to the various FBI and DOJ participants in the Deep State cabal, like Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page, Bill Priestap, James Baker, Andrew McCabe and others who will be offering testimony before various congressional committees in the coming days.  Given that the fake Trump Dossier compiled by Fusion GPS will be a topic of questioning in these hearings, the Democrats obviously want all these skunks and snakes to be able to properly get their stories straight.  Sneaky Dianne’s act of blatant sedition here is just one more reason why our Sleepy Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, needs to get off his marijuana-obsessed butt and appoint another special counsel to investigate the Cabal’s activities.
  • As Fox News reported on Tuesday, the members of the House Intelligence Committee got their long-sought access to all FBI/DOJ documents related to their use of the Trump Dossier.  Last Friday, every committee member was allowed to view the documents and take notes, which is standard procedure with highly classified information such as this.  Given that this included Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, and none of the information contained in those documents has been leaked to CNN as we sit here six days later, we can assume the documents do not contain good news for the Democrats.  Rep. Schiff generally works on a much quicker time frame than this.
  • Speaking of collusion with the Russians, where in the world is Hillary Clinton?  Here we are, 11 days into the new year, and we have yet to hear a single public utterance from the Pantsuit Princess.  Indeed, if you do a Google news search on her name, the only stories you get back about her, other than casual mentions by third parties, are reports on the fire that broke out at her home in Chappaqua, New York on Jan. 3, and the fact that the Justice Department has opened an investigation into the Uranium One scandal, and re-opened its investigation into the Clinton Crime Family Fake Foundation.
  • It has been literally decades since the Fainting Felon went 11 days without making a public appearance.  With the DOJ Inspector General’s office expected to issue its report on its internal investigation as soon as next week, perhaps we should focus future Google searches on sightings of the Coughing Crook and her hubby Bill “vacationing” in non-extradition countries.
  • But hey, maybe she’s just been suffering from a “bad cold,” too.  It seems to be going around in Democrat circles these days.  That tends to happen when the world starts finally closing in around you.

Just another day in it’s a nasty cold season for Democrats America.

That is all.

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2 thoughts on “The World Keeps Closing in on the Deep State Cabal

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    gustafus21 - January 11, 2018

    GOP House and Senate leadership has to step in and help get rid of Sessions. He’s obviously on a very short leash – I suspect he’s been a “back door” in the Senate for years. Control Files are the weapon of choice in that horrible city.

    Sessions must go. Ryan must go. McConnell is stalling court appointments – must go.

    Trump needs to take scalps. Earn respect. Frighten the DC Regulars. MAGA

    1. Reply
      Yo! - January 11, 2018

      Shorter: Trump needs to everything he can to be as completely ineffective as possible in DC, just like Obama! McConnell by the way has stopped stalling court appointments because Trump seems to have figured out to at least get him to do that.

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