Trump’s “DACA” Meeting: Another Mission Accomplished

  • In my new year’s predictions piece (2018 Will Be A Wild and Crazy Year in Trump’s America) I predicted that “The crisis with North Korea will be resolved without a shot being fired.”  In case you hadn’t noticed – because the fake news media is spending as little time covering it as possible – a few  days after that piece was published, the Crazy Little Fat Guy called his counterpart in South Korea to request that the two countries engage in bi-lateral negotiations.  Those talks commenced on Monday, and have already begun to bear fruit.  This never happened while Barack Obama was appeasing the Crazy Little Fat Guy.  Funny how it does happen, now that the appeasement has ended.
  • Speaking of talks between hostile nations, President Donald Trump (I still never tired of typing those three words) hosted a room full of congressional Republican and Democrat leaders at the White House to talk immigration on Tuesday.  Normally, the fake journalists who represent the fake news media outlets are invited to come in for the first 5 minutes of such meetings, so they can take pictures and ask stupid, insulting questions.  That’s how all prior presidents have done it, and it’s the routine to which the fake journalists have become accustomed.
  • But, of course, Donald Trump does not do “routine,” a reality that the fake journalists still have not figured out.  So it came as a yuuuge surprise to the fake reporters – and an even bigger shock to the members of congress who hate having to speak on the record without their script in front of them –  when the President instructed the leering press to just stick around and film the whole thing.  And for the next 50 minutes or so, President Trump turned the meeting into the latest episode of The Apprentice, with Trump holding forth from the center of the table, asking piercing questions, telling everyone why they’re wrong about specific things, and completely dominating the discussion.  The only shame was that he couldn’t point to Sen. Dianne Feinstein and say, “you’re fired.”
  • It all came as such a shock to the fake news media system that even CNN saw its fake hosts praising the President in real time, before they had a chance to get with their Democrat benefactors and develop negative talking points about it.  The vacuous Wolf Blitzer found himself telling CNN’s little toady White House fake reporter Jim Acosta that he had to give Trump “a lot of credit” for allowing press cameras to cover a “really remarkable meeting.”  Blitzer later opened a segment with White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short by saying, “Thank you for allowing that meeting today to be open to our TV cameras.  I think it was very productive, very important.”
  • This will all change this morning, now that the Democrats and fake media have had a chance to get into their own conference room and hammer out a negative narrative for the President’s performance, but the Trump goal was achieved, and it has nothing to do  with immigration.
  • Wait, what?  Yes, that meeting yesterday was not in any way about solving the nation’s immigration problems.  The President is not naive – he is keenly aware that these particular Republicans and these particular Democrats are never, never, ever going to come to any agreement over an approach to the immigration problems facing this country.  Which is why he knew he could sit there and tell them “I’ll sign whatever you bring me” in terms of a comprehensive immigration bill without worrying about ever having to actually do such a thing.
  • This is especially true with Trump’s one provision that any agreement on DACA or a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the country must include the building of a border wall, and the elimination of chain migration.  He made that crystal clear at the beginning of the meeting, and reiterated it again with tweets afterwards.  Those are deal killers for Democrats, whose one and only interest in all of this is maximizing illegal immigration with the goal of ultimately turning them all into Democrat voters.
  • Thus, Donald Trump knew he could sit in that meeting a let them all bicker with one another without ever having to worry about actually seeing a comprehensive immigration bill come to his desk.  Which means that all the hysteria from Ann Coulter and the rest of the anti-immigration right we saw last night and will see again today about the President somehow going back on his campaign promises is meaningless blather from people who also still do not understand how Donald Trump operates.
  • So, then, what was the meeting all about?  Well, it was about demonstrating clearly, without any question at all, that Donald Trump is in complete control of his mental faculties, does not have dementia, and is clearly capable of carrying out the duties of being President of the United States.  It was about conclusively and effectively refuting these treasonous allegations that have been made ad nauseum by Democrats and in the fake news media since the publication of Michael Wolff’s gossip novel.   After all, if the guy who was clearly in complete control of that meeting is mentally deficient, what does that make all the politicians in the room who were clearly subservient to him?
  • That, my friends, is the one and only thing that meeting yesterday was about, at least from Donald Trump’s perspective.
  • Mission accomplished.

Just another day in Donald Trump is in control America.

That is all.

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5 thoughts on “Trump’s “DACA” Meeting: Another Mission Accomplished

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    Yo! - January 10, 2018

    “Which means that all the hysteria from Ann Coulter and the rest of the anti-immigration right we saw last night and will see again today about the President somehow going back on his campaign promises is meaningless blather from people who also still do not understand how Donald Trump operates.”

    I genuinely think that we should shut down the borders, like it was from 1927- 1965. We need to assimilate who have right now.

    That said, it’s pretty obvious that Ann Coulter and the immigration hardliners really don’t get how we’re going to get from point A to point B.

    The details of DACA are such that even if that particular group was granted full amnesty it would really be nothing. A trifle compared to what Trump is aiming for which is no less than a serious Southern border, ending chain migration (really making it merit based immigration), and just generally seriously enforcing what laws we do have.

    They don’t get it: they’d allow defacto amnesty before throwing a literal bone to the other side to get everything we wanted, which would prevent another DACA situation from occurring. Then Trump could keep pushing for more from a position of strength.

    Honestly, I stopped reading/watching Ann Coulter a while ago because it was clear that she had no concept of what it was going to take to get even a fraction of what she wanted done in the real world, short of coup. Her stats and research have been great, but no need for the hysteria and the hardlines.

    1. Reply
      Fr Gough - January 11, 2018

      We did NOT shut immigration down from 1927-1965. An average of 100,000 people a year immigrated to the country during that time. Look it up. I am getting really sick and tired of Rush continuing to deliberately spread his lie that we shut immigration down from 1921-1965.

      1. Reply
        Yo! - January 11, 2018

        Sorry if this a duplicate.

        Sorry about the typo on 1927. I was aware that we had immigration after 1921. However, 100,000 a year was not even close to waves that came before that in the Ellis Island era. Further, the immigration was all white and heavily weighted towards the founding stock of America – English and German.

        So, no it’s not a lie. It was nothing compared to what came before. Meanwhile, are you prepared to do that again? 100,000 of only white people? Will that pass muster in 2018? Let’s shut down the borders completely. Then it’s fair and it’s not racist.

  2. Reply
    Yo! - January 10, 2018

    Also, I’ve obviously assumed that immigration reform would happen, rather than your scenario, but either way amounts to win. President Trump is fabulous at setting up scenarios like that – a shoulder shrug means we’re still winning.

  3. Reply
    uncle fester - January 11, 2018

    love db. keep up the good work…

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