Thursday Was A Very Big Day For Trump-Style Winning

  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part I – For the first time ever, the Dow Jones Industrial average closed above the 25,000 mark on Thursday, as the Trump economy continues to boom.  This close represents the 89th time the Dow has closed at an all-time record high since the day after Election Day, 2016.  Somewhere, NYTimes fake economist Paul Krugman, who famously predicted the markets would “never recover” from Trump’s victory on Election Night, is cringing.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part II – Americans for Tax Reform reported on Thursday that more than 100 U.S. companies have now announced the awarding of special bonuses to their employees as the result of the passage of the Trump tax reform legislation.  More than 145,000 individuals are impacted by the bonuses offered by Bank of America alone.  No word if Nancy Pelosi has sent all these employees a note telling them this is just a gimmick and that tax reform is going to kill them all, but it seems likely.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part III – The U.S. private sector added more than 250,000 jobs in December, per ADP and Moody’s Analytics, exceeding the estimate of 190,000.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part IV – The consultant firm of Challenger, Gray & Christmas reports that announced layoffs for 2018 are at their lowest point since 1990.  1990 was before anyone outside of Arkansas had ever heard of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama was in the early stages of learning Saul Alinsky philosophy from domestic terrorists.  A long time ago.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part V – The Trump Administration continued its rapid erasure of the legacy of Barack Obama as Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced a new plan for offshore oil and gas development that would open up about 90% of federally-owned waters to leasing and exploration.  The plan, to be implemented in 2019, would open up vast swaths of waters off the East and West coasts, in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and off the North Slope of Alaska that had been off-limits for many years.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part VI – Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley told reporters that he now has information indicating that ex-FBI Director James Comey intentionally leaked classified information to the New York Times as he was trying to construct a narrative that would justify the appointment of a special counsel in early 2016.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part VII – John Solomon at The Hill reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has finally, at long last, opened up an investigation at the Justice Department into the Clinton Crime Family Fake Foundation.  The investigation will look into whether the Clintons engaged in outright “pay for play” schemes while the Coughing Crook was serving as Secretary of State.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet? Part VIII – Speaking of the corrupt Justice Department, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes announced that he has finally, at long last reached an agreement with DOJ and the FBI to receive documents related to the FBI’s use of the fake Trump Dossier that was compiled by Fusion GPS in collusion with Russian agents, and funded by the Clinton Campaign, the DNC and people who worked for the Obama White House in 2016.  The FBI and DOJ had stone-walled on the production of these documents since August.  This agreement came after House Speaker Paul Ryan backed Nunes when FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein held a special meeting with Ryan on Tuesday.  As a part of this deal, Wray and Rosenstein also agreed to force Deep State operatives Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and others to offer testimony before the House Intel Committee.  Hooboy.  Big, big win there.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part IX – In another huge win for Devin Nunes and President Trump, A federal judge in DC ruled that the Fusion GPS firm must provide its financial records to the House Intel Committee.  Fusion had requested an injunction on the specious grounds that production of the documents would somehow violate its First Amendment rights, or something.  Nunes wants these bank records because he wants to find out once and for all whether the rumors that James Comey’s FBI actually helped fund the production of the fake Trump Dossier are true.
  • Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part X – John Solomon also reports that an original copy of a James Comey memo released on Thursday by House Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson admitted that “there is evidence of potential violations of the statute proscribing gross negligence in the handling of classified information” by Hillary Clinton on her illegal email server.  That passage was later edited out of the final version of the memo.  Cong. Johnson said, “This effort, seen in light of the personal animus toward then-candidate Trump by senior agents leading the Clinton investigation and their apparent desire to create an ‘insurance policy’ against Mr. Trump’s election, raise profound questions about the FBI’s role and possible interference in the 2016 presidential election.”  Yyyyyyyyyyep.
  • Whew.  Thursday was a big, big day for winning in America, Trump-style, and the fake news media hardly noticed any of this since it was too busy “reporting” over a work of mostly fiction that has former White House Strategy Advisor Steve Bannon and others making nasty comments about President Donald Trump and various members of the Trump family.  One excited reporter even tweeted that Bannon’s saying nasty things about President Trump was “just like Watergate.”  Except, well, it isn’t anything like Watergate at all.

Just another day in the Fake News Media keeps missing the story America.

That is all.

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