MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Becomes A #Metoo Test Case

  • Former Obama UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who is most famous for lying to the entire world about what got our people killed in the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi in 2012, weighed in on the demonstrations in Iran:  “How can Trump help Iran’s protesters?  Be quiet.”  That, of course, was the posture Barack Obama took towards a similar uprising in 2009, which helped sentence Iranians to 9 more years of rule under the yoke of the radical mullahs, who the Obama Administration actively supported and awarded access to hundreds of billions of dollars.  Were it not for radical Islamists, Barack Obama would have had no allies in the Middle East at all.  That’s the truth.
  • CNN didn’t have Kathy Griffin around for its New Year’s Eve telecast this year, but it did have some fake reporter named Randi Kaye to serve in Griffin’s former role as the personification of society’s lowest common denominator.  Ms. Kaye didn’t strip down to her bra or hold up a mocked-up bloody head of President Trump, but she did see fit to do a segment aboard one of Denver’s “CannaBus” party buses where everyone was getting stoned, even helping one passenger fire up a bong.  Meanwhile, on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, we found out that Britney Spears has gotten back into marvelous physical shape, but still can’t sing or dance.  But nobody in Vegas cares about the latter, obviously.
  • If you thought we knew all the Hillary Clinton scandals at this point, well, think again.  – WikiLeaks leaked another raft of emails on Monday, at least one of which shows the then-Clinton-headed State Department in 2010 receiving in advance the #fakenews publication schedule a week in advance from the New York Times.  If you think this sort of coordination between the fake news media and the Clinton/Obama people was an isolated thing, or that the Trump Administration probably receives similar head’s-up emails, you would be a very, very silly person.  You don’t have to believe me – just go Google “journolist” and read the results that come up for a nice refresher.
  • Al Franken is finally resigning today, but what about Chris Matthews?  Seriously, Franken’s resignation is a blessing for the country, but you have to wonder how MSNBC’s long-time host of “Hardball” will still be in his job by Friday after Sunday’s very detailed report from the Daily Caller about his maintenance of an extremely hostile work environment for women, with the help of a neglectful NBC human resources department and management.  Matthews, who has telegraphed all sorts of on-air cues indicating an abusively sexist mindset over the years, turns out, according to multiple people who worked with him at NBC, to be the guy they make all the sexual harassment videos about.  The Daily Caller’s report is every bit as well-sourced and explosive as was the New York Times’ report last fall on Harvey Weinstein that got the whole #Metoo movement started.  But, you might note that, because the Daily Caller is a “conservative” news outlet going after a very extreme liberal muckety-muck, none of the “mainstream” media outlets are picking up the story.  Imagine that.
  • This is a test case for my belief that the #Metoo thing is already running out of steam, as liberals all over the country finally figure out that it is mainly liberals who have been engaging in these horrible acts, and thus, it is mainly prominent liberals who are losing their jobs.  The radical left is also becoming increasingly concerned about the potential for the #Metoo movement to almost inevitably lead to increased scrutiny of the pedophilia issue that runs rampant in leftist circles, especially in Hollywood.  Plus, now that Roy Moore has been defeated in Alabama’s senate race, the #Metoo victims no longer provide Democrat politicians with convenient political fodder, so you can be sure that, once Franken’s political carcass is buried, the Democrat Party is going to drop this issue like a hot potato.
  • So the wagons are already being circled against #Metoo, especially at NBC, which has already lost Matt Lauer, Mark Halperin and several others in the scandal, and whose entire corporate work environment has been subjected to uncomfortable scrutiny.  All the other big media outlets, knowing they all have similar problems, are more than happy to serve as the de facto cavalry by looking the other way.  If Chris Matthews still has a job at the end of this week, then you’ll know the death of #Metoo is further along than even I had thought, and the only lasting outcome from it all will be some beefed-up sexual harassment training sessions in corporate workplaces around the country.  #Mesad about that, but #Mejustthemessenger.

Just another day in #Metoo is fading fast America.

That is all.

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