CNN’s PanelTruckGate Caps The Media’s Week Of Laughably Fake Scandals

  • As previously noted here earlier in the week, it has been such a slow news week that the fake news media has resorted to faking up fake scandals about First Lady Melania Trump ordering a tree to be cut down and President Donald Trump having not held a formal state dinner during his first year in the presidency.
  • Those fake controversies were faked up by the Associated Press, Newsweek and The Hill.  Now, desperate to get in on the news-faking act, the creeps at chronically low-rated CNN, obviously embarrassed at having played the Melania Trump tree cutting story straight, have now spent two solid days inventing their own fake controversy.  Yes, friends, your intrepid fake journalists at the fakest fakety-fake news organization in America have spent the last two days engaged in a very serious investigation into who exactly it was that ordered a big white panel truck to be parked adjacent to President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf club, thus blocking the fake news media’s view of Mr. Trump’s golf game on Tuesday.  Oh, the humanity!
  • I swear I don’t make this stuff up – it’s really true.  Literally every hour of CNN’s 24-hour days on Wednesday and Thursday contained at least a report – many actually involved panel discussions with “experts” weighing in with straight faces – on this crucial matter of national security, or something.  CNN’s on-the-scene fake reporter, Noah Gray – who one supposes is on the presidential beat this week because Jim Acosta has run out of adult diapers and didn’t get a new supply as a Christmas gift – has actually been running all over the town of West Palm Beach, trying to identify the nefarious truck in question.
  • Seriously, go read this clown’s Twitter feed – it is a literal timeline of what he has spent his time focusing on this week while supposedly covering the presidential beat.  Tweet after tweet contains updates on the status of his PanelTruckGate investigation, including statements from Secret Service and law enforcement officials.
  • At mid-day on Thursday, Gray even tweeted out a photo of a possible “suspect” – a white panel van sitting in the parking lot of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.  Gray, excited to possibly be closing in on the “deep throat” in this PanelTruckGate scandal, breathlessly notes that it is a “White box truck of same type & similar look seen parked at PBSO department parking lot. It remained there today.”
  • No doubt enraged that the PBSO actually owns a big white panel truck, Gray called the Sheriff’s Office for a comment on this growing controversy.  Not surprisingly, the PBSO denies sending a big white panel truck out to Mar-a-Lago to mess with the White House press corps:

  • But Gray and his bosses at CNN, desperate to keep a fake controversy alive, would not be put off so easily.  When Gray spotted the same truck parked in the exact same parking spot in the PBSO lot the very next day – it obviously had not been moved overnight – he got the PBSO spokesperson on the phone one more time, and then righteously issued this tweet:  “Spox for PBSO Teri Barbera, reiterated to CNN the truck maneuver was not authorized by management of the detail of the Sheriff’s office.”
  • So there you have it:  PanelTruckGate in a nutshell, brought to you by the fake reporters, fake cameramen, fake editors and fake producers at America’s fakest news outlet, CNN.  As of the time I’m writing this early on Friday morning, that is Gray’s most current tweet on the matter.  It remains to be seen if CNN is desperate enough to carry this farce on into a third straight day.
  • The latest ratings show that, in any given hour of the day, somewhere between 400,000 and 800,000 people in this country are tuned into CNN.  That means that roughly 1 out of every 400 people you run into is an avid CNN watcher.  This is a person who spends each day having his or her mind filled with this sort of abject mush.
  • Next time you run into such a person, ask them to tell you exactly what it is they’re thinking about when they consciously tune their TV to that particular channel.  The answer will either be highly entertaining, or the dumbest thing you’ve heard all week.  There are no other possibilities.

Just another day in CNN Remains the Fake News King America.

That is all.

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2 thoughts on “CNN’s PanelTruckGate Caps The Media’s Week Of Laughably Fake Scandals

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    Dragon Pens - December 29, 2017

    “The latest ratings show that, in any given hour of the day, somewhere between 400,000 and 800,000 people in this country are tuned into CNN.” Those places of business that have cnn on the tv when I walk in have just refused my business. I leave. To me its like the cake baker that was fined for not making a cake and was accused of hurting the lesbo’s feelings. Well, being forced to listen to cnn if I choose to patronize a business is hurting my feelings.

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    funky mañana - December 30, 2017

    Next week CNN will be doing 24-7 reporting on the rainbow paint drying in Don Lemon’s office.

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