2017 In Review: The Year Trump Changed Everything

The uniformly liberal editors at Time Magazine chose to name the ladies who led the #metoo movement to reveal the sexual predators among us as its “Person of the Year”, but that was a cop out.  While those ladies definitely deserve recognition for the impact they’ve had on society, and the myriad creeps they have exposed, there is no question at all that President Donald Trump, Time’s “Person of the Year” for 2016, should have been named again in 2017.

Trump literally dominated the stage, not just here in the United States, but across the globe, his every word analyzed, his every action criticized, his every tweet obsessed upon by millions.  Never in modern times – or indeed, in history – has a single human being remained perched atop the global public discourse throughout an entire year as Donald Trump did in 2017.  Well, except maybe 2016, when Donald Trump remained perched atop the global public discourse throughout that entire year as well.

On more than 350 of the 365 days in 2017, Today’s Campaign Update was here to help you keep up with the events of the previous 24 hours.  What follows is the Campaign Update’s attempt to sum up the entire year.  It’s a big job, and this will not be brief.  Here we go:

  • Robert Mueller led a slow-rolling coup d’etat – 2017 was the first year during which Americans were treated to 9 months of witnessing what the Campaign Update has described as a slow-rolling coup d’etat.  Germinated by an FBI director’s illegal leaking of information to the New York Times, initiated by the same Deputy Attorney General who wrote the memo advising the President to fire that same FBI director, and led by the previous FBI director in blatant coordination with high-ranking officials within the FBI and DOJ, this effort to unseat a duly-elected President has thus far led mainly to revelations of criminal wrong-doing by Hillary Clinton and high officials in the Obama Administration, many of whom remain among the leadership of the FBI and the Justice Department.
  • The GOP congress initially played along, and then woke up – Throughout much of the year, Republican chairmen over the myriad House and Senate committees running their own investigations into Russia “collusion” seemed intent on allowing their Democrat members to dominate the process.  But as Fall came around and it began to become obvious that the Trump people did nothing wrong, but the Clinton people and the DNC did a whole lot of things wrong, that tide started to turn.  By November, both Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes were aggressively working to get at the real truth and uncover the obvious anti-Trump conspiracy to first interfere with, and then to overturn a duly-conducted election that was run out of the Justice Department throughout 2016 and 2017.   By December, the truth had become publicly obvious to all but the mind-numbed talking points parrots on the political left, and the leaders of the conspiracy had begun to be “reassigned” and otherwise marginalized as the process of building criminal cases against them begins.
  • Jeff Sessions appeared to sleep through most of it – meanwhile, our sleepy Attorney General, who stupidly recused himself from anything having to do with allegations that the Trump campaign “colluded” with Russian agents during the 2016 election campaign, spent most of his year seemingly in a world of his own, apparently unaware that there were any problems within the staff he was ostensibly in charge of managing.  It was only during the last few weeks of the year that his alarm clock seemed to have finally gone off, as he ordered fresh looks into the Uranium One and Project Cassandra scandals.  The jury remains out on Sessions as 2017 comes to a close, but it seems sure that, at some point during 2018, Americans will discover whether he is either a completely worthless appointee or the slyest old political fox who ever lived.  One or the other has to be true.
  • Left-wingers all over America went absolutely nuts, and stayed that way all year long – 2017 will forever be remembered as the year in which the American political left degenerated into a state of permanent outrage.  Everything – literally every.  damn.  thing. – anyone named Trump did threw liberals/progressives/socialists/communists/sjws into feeding frenzies of hysteria.  Every Trump tweet caused an immediate social media uproar.  Every Trump action resulted in hoots of protest from the leftwing fake news media.  The First Lady’s shoe choices were treated as scandals.  Trump’s very inauguration resulted in thousands of pussy-hat-adorned lunatics taking to the streets in a “Women’s March” that was organized by a supporter of Sharia Law, and attended by Harvey Weinstein, the most heinous serial abuser of women in American history.  The lunatic fringe became the lunatic norm on the American left.
  • The economy boomed – Assuming projections of GDP growth of upwards of 4% for the 4th quarter are accurate, 2017 will mark the first year in more than a decade in which the U.S. economy produced three straight quarters of at least 3% economic growth.  Manufacturing jobs – you know, those “old” jobs that Barack Obama assured us were never coming back – came back.  Unemployment approached all-time lows nationally, and reached all-time lows in at least 17 different states.  Millions of working age Americans who had over the previous decade simply given up looking for work streamed back into the workforce.  The Obama-era notions of the “new normal” of no more than 2% growth created by heavy-handed regulation and ever-growing numbers of Americans simply giving up on permanent employment have been shattered.
  • The Obama “legacy” has largely been repealed – Ok, it really wasn’t much of a “legacy” to begin with, but what there was of it has essentially disappeared during the first year of the Trump Presidency.  The biggest weakness this “legacy” had was the fact that it was implemented mainly via regulation and executive order, and thus far easier to get rid of than had it been achieved through the legislative process, as the constitution intends.  President Trump spent much of the first few months of his first year issuing executive orders that rescinded Obama’s orders, and his various cabinet secretaries devoted much of their time ensuring that the Administration meets its promise to rescind at least 2 existing regulations for every new regulation they proposed.  Indeed, that goal was vastly exceeded, as the President announced in early December that his agencies had in fact reversed almost 20 existing regulations for each new one.  Obamacare, Obama’s lone major legislative accomplishment in 8 long years, remains  sort of in place, but is being picked apart piece by piece by congress and the President.  For America’s health, it all adds up to gold, Jerry, gold!
  • The reversal of Obama policies extended to foreign affairs, too – The systematic erasure of Obama’s legacy was not limited to domestic policy – far from it.  The Obama foreign policy based on weakness, open borders, appeasement, apology and outright stupidity had been relegated to nothing more than a set of bad memories as well:
    • President Trump went on two extended international tours and neither apologized nor bowed to any foreign leader;
    • President Trump rescinded U.S. participation in the idiotic and fraudulent Paris Climate Accords;
    • Illegal immigration is down, but not out.  The rate of illegal border crossings slowed to a virtual trickle during the first half of the year, as the President’s rhetoric appeared to have a dampening effect.  But the lack of congressional action to fund the border wall or beef up the budget for border security led to a resurgence over the last few months.  We can be sure the President will re-focus on this crucial issue in the new year;
    • The Obama policy of appeasement towards North Korea es no mas, as Rocket Man is finding out the hard way;
    • ISIS is almost dead.  When Trump took office, Isis controlled about half of Syria and vast swaths of Iraq, and commanded 35,000 terrorist fighters.  Today, ISIS-controlled territory has almost disappeared entirely, as barely 1,000 fighters desperately try to remain alive, thanks pretty much entirely to the new rules of engagement that freed up the U.S. armed forces in the region to kill the despicable bastards;
    • The horrific deal with Iran entered into by Obama and John Kerry still lives, but is on life support.  Meanwhile, President Trump has implemented a new set of onerous sanctions on that terrorist-supporting government;
    • Meanwhile, President Trump has gone about forming up strong new strategic relationships with the leaders of Saudi Arabia, China and Russia based on mutual strength, replacing the years of feckless neglect and weakness practiced by Obama and his doltish and corrupt secretaries of state.
  • Tax Reform is done – After failing by a single vote to repeal Obamacare last summer, Mitch McConnell and his Republican senate caucus finally came through just before Christmas, sending the largest tax cut in American history to Trump’s desk for his signature.  The reduced personal and corporate taxes produced by this law will likely create even faster economic growth than the U.S. experienced in 2017.  Buckle up.
  • The fake news media has utterly disgraced itself – it is no longer possible to keep count of the number of times fake news outlets like CNN, the NYTimes, the Washington Post, NBC, CBS and ABC filed misleading, un-sourced or just made-up-out-of-whole-cloth “reports” designed to demean President Trump throughout 2017.  The sheer volume of false information put out into the public sphere by these and other “news” organizations is completely overwhelming.
  • The fake news media establishment, in coordination with the Democrat Party, set out at the beginning of the year to destroy a presidency.  What it achieved instead was the almost total destruction of a formerly noble profession:  journalism.  So long as Sharyl Attkisson, John Solomon, Sarah Carter and a handful of others like them continue their work, it’s not accurate to say journalism is fully dead, but it is fair to say that, after the shameful behavior of the likes of Jim Acosta and the entire staffs at the NYTimes and WaPo during 2017, it is on life support, and the prognosis is not encouraging.
  • In the end, the net effect of the fake media’s efforts to diminish President Trump is that he finishes his first calendar year in office with essentially the same public approval rating in the Rasmussen Daily Tracking poll as that enjoyed by Barack Obama at the end of 2009.  Given that well over 90% of the media’s coverage of the President has been negative, most often vindictive and inflammatory, that is an almost miraculous result.

But then, this was an almost miraculous presidency to begin with, so that outcome seems completely appropriate.

Just the first year in Donald Trump’s America.

That is all.

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