The Week In Review: All This Winning Never Gets Old

Here is where the never-ending campaign stands two days before Christmas, 2017:

  • New home sales shot up by 17.5% in November, the largest month-over-month gain in 25 years.  Homebuyers didn’t get that Democrat/media-pushed message that the Trump tax cuts were going to kill everyone.
  • The manufacturing growth index kept by the Philadelphia Branch of the Federal Reserve rose 4% in November.  All the “experts” had projected a 1% drop. Manufacturers also failed to get the Democrat/media fake message.  So much for experts.
  • After doing a 25 minute press availability following the signing of his tax bill, President Trump then boarded his helicopter to head out for a Christmas vacation in Florida.  In doing so, he technically skipped the “traditional” year-end press conference.  CNN’s Jim Acosta wet his baby diapers all over Twitter about that, which has also become something of a tradition.  Of course, neither Acosta nor any other member of the Whiny White House press corps ever whined when Barack Obama also skipped this year-end fake “tradition.”  Shocking, I know.
  • Univision Anchorman Jorge Ramos says he is “having the worst time of my life” in the first year of the Trump Administration.  Um, is that a problem?
  • Las Vegas-based Special Agent Aaron Rouse brought even more disgrace on the FBI than it has already suffered the last few months – something no one had thought was even possible at this point – by announcing his agency would not release its findings on September’s Las Vegas massacre until at least a year had passed after the event.  Agent Rouse called that standard operating procedure for his agency.  Most real Americans think of it more as incompetence and outright mendacity.
  • The fake news media refuses to report it, but ISIS has almost been wiped from the face of the earth, thanks to the Trump Administration military engagement policies.  Just another anti-American legacy of Barack Obama being swept away.
  • UN Ambassador Nikki Haley performed a righteous slap-down of the UN General Assembly on Thursday, as reported in yesterday’s Campaign Update.  One result of her tough message to that collection of miscreants, perverts, grifters and thieves came later in the day, as the UN Security Council, including traditional holdouts Russia and China, unanimously approved a set of new sanctions on North Korea.  Leadership matters.
  • The Deep State Cabal within the DOJ/FBI continues to be marginalized and publicly exposed.  This week included two congressional committees exposing FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe during intense questioning.  It also included the reassignment of FBI General Counsel James Baker after it was revealed he has personal ties to ex-Mother Jones Editor David Corn, who was the first fake reporter to publicly use the fake Trump Dossier.
  • Hey!  Somebody even woke up our sleepy Attorney General, Jeff Sessions!  Late in the week, Sessions ordered not one, but two major new DOJ reviews:  1) A review of the Obama DOJ’s fake “investigation” into the Uranium One scandal, and 2) A preliminary review of allegations that high officials in the Obama Administration prevented prosecution of Hezbollah terrorists running drugs into the United States in order to prop up the horrific deal they wanted to make with Iran.  Both reviews are being conducted with an eye towards the possible appointment of a special counsel to fully investigate.
  • And of course, congressional Republicans finally, at long last kept a major promise to the American people, passing a bill that implements the first major reform of the U.S. personal and corporate income tax systems in 30 years.  In immediate reaction, dozens of major U.S. corporations announced the awarding of special bonuses to tens of thousands of workers, and other major new investments in the U.S. economy thanks directly to their new, lower tax rate.
  • Also in direct response, a bunch of NeverTrump losers whined about so many congressional Republicans suddenly figuring out that it’s a good idea to jump onto the Trump Train while they still can.

That, friends, is winning.  So, so, soooooooooooooo much winning!

Just another day in All This Winning Never Gets Old America.


That is all.


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  1. funky mañana - December 23, 2017

    Why do we have to wait a year to find out what happened in Las Vegas?Talk about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.The sheriff and FBI are hiding some seriously damaging info,and it smelled like a coverup from the beginning.

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