Republicans Should Make The Democrats’ Insane Tax Bill Rhetoric Come Back To Haunt Them

  • FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe actually showed up for his scheduled testimony before the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday, against all odds.  He was questioned for 8 hours by committee members, and in what has to rank as one of the great upsets in U.S. political history, none of that testimony has been leaked to CNN, the NYTimes or the WaPo as of this writing.  That likely either means that California Rep. Adam “Bugeyes” Schiff either did not attend the hearing, or that Agent McCabe’s testimony was decidedly unfavorable to the Democrats.
  • Never forget that this is what the Democrat Party wants to create in your town – The French newspaper LeMond reported over the weekend that the mayors of 7 major cities in that country sent a letter to French President Macron begging him to step in to stop the flow of new immigrants into the country.  The mayors said that they are “backed up against a wall” by the flood of “several thousand” new refugees per month, which the mayors say is causing a social emergency. Man, no one could have seen that coming, right?  Oh, wait…
  • The certifiable lunatic Rosie O’Donnell went onto her Twitter account to offer outright bribes of $2 million each to Republican Senators Susan Collins and Jeff Flake if they would cast “no” votes on the GOP tax bill Tuesday night.  Unless someone can show why an offer of a bribe to a politician via Twitter is substantively different than doing so face to face, it is hard to understand how Rosie would survive this day without being hand-cuffed and perp-walked to the nearest holding facility for booking.
  • Speaking of Susan Collins, the fakest of all the fake Republicans in the U.S. Senate went off on reporters on Tuesday for what she described as their “unbelievably sexist” coverage of her posturing on the tax bill.  “They’ve ignored everything that I’ve gotten, and there have been stories after stories about how I’ve been duped,” she said. “How are you duped when all of your amendments get accepted? And when the majority leader — and I confirmed it again today with him — will be offering the two insurance bills that I care about as well as the provision waiving the automatic cut in Medicare that could be triggered by this bill?”
  • Collins went on to say that “It’s been extremely discouraging to see the press coverage on this given the significant impact that I’ve had on this bill.”  So, after 20 years in the Senate, it appears that Sen. Collins still hasn’t figured out that the collection of Democrats with press passes that make up the Capitol Hill press corps will always treat her with a double standard for the simple fact that she is a Republican.  That’s how it has always been, and is how it will always remain.  There is no mystery here at all, so why be outraged?
  • And speaking of outrage, well, there was the surreal hyperbolic wailing that went on among the Democrats on the floor of the House and in the well of the Senate as the tax bill came up for a vote on Tuesday.  San Fran Nan called it “the worst bill in American history,” and the Democrat rhetoric went downhill from there, with various members going to their Thesaurus to pull out words like “sham”, “scam”, “theft”, “robbery”, “atrocity”, “criminal”, even a “crime against humanity.”  It was all really sort of breathtaking to watch.
  • Think about it:  This is the rhetoric that Democrats use to describe a bill that will let literally every working person in America keep more of his or her hard-earned money, rather than sending to the government so it can be largely pissed away.  Hopefully, some enterprising young GOP campaign professionals are archiving all those intemperate statements made by the Democrats yesterday, preserving them for use in Republican ads for the 2018 mid-terms.
  • House Minority Whip Stenny Hoyer, after slamming the bill on the House floor, then had the nerve to appear on Fox News and tell Bret Baier that “We’re in favor of ‘responsible’ tax cuts.”  That word ‘responsible’, in Democrat lingo, means ‘tax cuts that aren’t really cuts’, i.e., tax cuts that give money to one class of people (likely Democrat voters) while taking money from another class of people (likely Republican voters).
  • Which is no surprise given that the Democrat Party’s entire operational model for the last century has been based on never-ending efforts to divide America along class lines.  From creating the Ku Klux Klan to Roosevelt’s New Deal to Johnson’s Great Society to Obama’s Reinventing America, every major act taken by the Democrat Party for 100 years has been designed to foment class hatred and envy.
  • Yesterday’s insane reaction to a bill that lowers tax rates for literally every taxpayer and will allow every working American to keep more of their own money is no surprise from the Democrats – it’s simply the latest manifestation of the Party’s sole reason for existence.  That is a reality that all thinking Americans should never, ever forget.

Just another day in Democrat Perpetual Outrage America.

That is all.


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6 thoughts on “Republicans Should Make The Democrats’ Insane Tax Bill Rhetoric Come Back To Haunt Them

  1. Palin Smith - December 20, 2017

    Democrats showed that they hate single black working mothers with small children.

  2. Bob Jones - December 20, 2017

    “Republicans Should Make The Democrats’ Insane Tax Bill Rhetoric Come Back To Haunt Them”. They won’t. At least with the clowns we have in D.C. today.

  3. funky mañana - December 20, 2017

    Democrats are scared stiff when the tax reforms start rolling.They know a prosperous nation is a happy nation and Trump will be in another 4 years to accomplish even more.MAGA!

  4. mlopez - December 20, 2017

    Nothing ever comes back to haunt the Democrats. N consistency, continuity, nor logic poses any sort of demand on Democrats. They and their constituents accept anything

  5. mlopez - December 20, 2017

    Why exactly do comments seem to wait to be moderated? What are you afraid of?

    1. David Blackmon - December 20, 2017

      Because I want to keep things clean here, and liberals appear to be incapable of doing that. Comments will always be moderated here – if you don’t like that, sorry.

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